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Samuel Taube

Samuel Taube brings years of experience researching ETFs, cryptocurrencies, muni bonds, value stocks and more to Wealth Daily.

He has been writing for investment newsletters since 2013, and has penned articles accurately predicting financial market reactions to Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and more.

Samuel holds a degree in economics from the University of Maryland. In college, he was shocked to realize that most adults receive little or no financial education before they enter the labor force - and this realization inspired him to join the investment newsletter business.

His investment approach focuses on finding undervalued assets at every point in the business cycle and then reaping big returns when they recover. He keeps a close eye on macroeconomic trends to make sure he’s not missing anything of importance to his readers.

Samuel’s passions - other than quality investment education and advice - include playing piano, gardening, hiking and canoeing. He lives in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland with his girlfriend Madison and their bulldog Martha.  

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