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A few years ago, I took a massive risk: I quit my job. I rented out my house to help cover the mortgage. I gave up a good salary and bonus structure. I gave up my medical benefits. I even left the unvested balance of my 401(k) behind. And I started a new company from scratch.

It was a pretty stressful time, to say the least. Within a year, my relationships started falling apart. I lost a good 25 pounds (and I didn’t really even have 10 extra to shed). I spent all my savings, sold off every stock I could touch without penalties, and maxed out nearly every line of credit I had.

But it was all worth it because just five years later, I was completely debt-free and spending my extra time exploring the Chesapeake Bay in my sailboat.


Turning My Risk Into Your Reward

I took a massive risk, a risk I don’t recommend many people take. I had a backdoor if everything else failed. I had left Wall Street behind, but when I left, I still had a lot of friends. And I knew I could always go back if I had to.

For me, it was a calculated risk. I had already developed some pretty great investing strategies that I could use as a foundation. I already had a network of finance pros and entrepreneurs. And I had a safety net, so to speak, in knowing that, while I might hate it, I could always go back to an investment bank.

Not everyone has that. And let’s be honest: Nothing is guaranteed in life but death and taxes. I might have been wrong. Fortunately, I never had to find out.

The investing strategies I’d been working on for my former employer started really paying off. And my first “customers” — still just friends and family back then — started to see big changes in their portfolios. And they started to talk to their friends and families about how much money their buddy was helping them make.

But the good news is that you don’t have to take that kind of risk at all because I already did. And I want to turn my risk into your reward.

I’ve spent years devising the strategies I used to pull myself out of debt and into a luxurious sailboat. And I’ve spent over a decade building up a network of venture capitalists, private equity consultants, serial entrepreneurs, and corporate executives.

And I founded Main Street Ventures so that I could share that network and those strategies with people like you. I don’t want to make the rich any richer; I want to help people who really need my help.

I want you to join me and the Main Street Ventures community on a wildly profitable ride.

To your seat at the table,

Jason Williams
Founder, Main Street Ventures

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