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Brian Hicks

He's known as the original "Bull on America." For the past 20 years, Brian has shown investors how to profit from America's innovative and information-based economy. In addition to being the managing editor of The Wealth Advisory, Brian writes a weekly column for Wealth Daily concerning high-profit opportunities in the currently tumultuous geopolitical environment.

Alex Koyfman

Alex has been an active trader for his entire adult life, beginning in the early 2000s when he successfully bet against the market on shares of WorldCom's crumbling stock. He has been an avid public and private equity investor for the past decade, and has been working in financial publishing since 2009.

Jason Williams

Jason got his start as an investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley. He learned from the best of the best on Wall Street and at Harvard Business School before turning his back on the world of “high finance” to dedicate his knowledge and skills to helping Main Street.

Alexander Boulden

After Alex’s passion for writing and investing drew him to one of the largest financial publishers in the world, where he rubbed elbows with former Chicago Board Options Exchange floor traders, Wall Street hedge fund managers, and International Monetary Fund analysts, he decided to take up the pen and guide others through this new age of investing.

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