Did You Forget About Bitcoin? Well, Don't.

Written By Monica Savaglia

Posted March 31, 2020

Times are tough. You’ve probably felt an overwhelming amount of uncertainty or restlessness in the past month. Those feelings are likely becoming even more real, with news from President Trump that this could last until April 30 — at the earliest. 

I don’t blame you for feeling this way, and it’s something that you shouldn’t be ashamed about. It’s been a very weird month to navigate, and the uncertainty will continue even after it’s officially safe to leave our homes and embrace the real world again. 

That means more news and more frightening statistics. Right now, everywhere you turn there’s something about coronavirus. On the news, on social media, friends and family discussing it… you name it. Within the first five minutes of talking to you, someone has already mentioned it. It’s tiring. 

Believe me, I know — I’m overwhelmed by it all. I’m not saying that we should ignore it. But just because COVID-19 has consumed most of our lives and the news networks doesn’t mean there aren’t other things happening that don’t involve the virus and its rising death toll.

By spending time at home, I’ve managed to do a lot of things that I would have normally been too tired to do. I’ve organized most of my apartment, and I’ve started on some books that I haven’t been able to finish as I was always on the go before isolation. I’ve been able to tackle all the tasks that I’d put aside. With most likely another month of this, what do I have to look forward to that isn’t gloom and doom? More importantly, what do you have to look forward to?

Here’s Something to Look Forward To

Maybe I’m a “glass half full” type of person but, of course, in the most practical and realistic way. I just know that there’s something out there that will help us move forward and be a little optimistic about the future. I recently heard about an upcoming event that could be very lucrative for investors. It may be just the thing to distract you (if even for a little while) from the pandemic and those everyday coronavirus press briefings from the White House.  

If you remember a few years ago, Bitcoin was on the minds of a lot of investors. People couldn’t get enough of Bitcoin. It kind of came out of nowhere for some. Even most investors had never heard of the currency. It wasn’t until Bitcoin exploded that people started to pay attention. However, the key is to get in before that surge in price and before everyone else starts paying attention. 

Bitcoin’s supply is set to be cut in half, and that means the value of the digital currency will go up really fast. That’s what happened just a few years ago when it was surging to new highs. We can expect Bitcoin to be halved again on May 12. This halving is inevitable. TechCrunch explains: 

When the code for Bitcoin was written, it was designed to be a currency with no more than 21 million Bitcoins ever in circulation.

And what we’ve learned from the past is that when this halving occurs is the perfect time to get in. It’ll create a bull market for Bitcoin.

That’s why you need to mark your calendars for the next halving on May 12, 2020 and stay up to date on the details of this event. You don’t want to miss out. But there’s one more important piece of information you might not know… 

There has been an increase in demand for Bitcoin mining machines. Last year, a lot of miners were forced to use outdated machines, with newer mining machines sold out. But now those old mining machines won’t even be able to mine Bitcoin. They are being forced to shut down if they don’t upgrade. 

The new generation of these machines is based on the next evolution 5-nanometer ASICs. While that might not mean much to you (or it might if you’ve been following Bitcoin since its last run), a colleague of mine, Jason Stutman, has been following a company that specializes in these new-generation mining machines.

He’s expecting one small stock to rise by as much as 27,067.36% because of Bitcoin’s halving. The company is going to lead the way with its new generation of mining rigs. It’s currently trading for around $5 per share, but that won’t last long.

Not many people know about Bitcoin, its halving, or the implications of that event. And not many people know about this $5 company specializing in the next generation of Bitcoin mining machines. And that’s exactly why I wanted to share this information with you today. With everything going on, it’s hard to find something positive to look forward to… especially something that could give you the opportunity to make life-changing gains. 

You have a little over a month until Bitcoin halves. Once the word spreads, it will be too late for you to get in on this $5 company. Now is the time to find out more. See what Jason Stutman has to say about Bitcoin halving and the $5 company involved in the next generation of Bitcoin mining machines. 

Don’t get consumed by the information you can’t control. Instead, start gaining control of your financial future.

Until next time,

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