Black Friday Violence

Jeff Siegel

Updated December 2, 2013

We have become a despicable race deserving of none of the glories God has granted us.

And there is no greater proof of this than the thousands of vermin crushing their fellow man just to get a good deal on some piece of shit, made-in-China TV on Black Friday.

I don’t mean to be so vicious, but how I else can I respond to the video footage I’ve seen from the most recent Black Friday sales?

Are we really that desperate to sink our meat hooks into cheap electronics that we’re willing to risk our own safety and the safety of others?

“But Jeff, we’ll never see these kinds of deals again?”

Let me tell you something. I’m willing to bet that 80 percent of the people who rushed into Walmart on Black Friday like a bunch of cattle with mad cow disease are drowning in debt. They see a sale as an opportunity to save money. But when you have nothing in savings, and you make less than your monthly bills, you’re saving nothing.

Of course, such rational thought is a rare commodity amongst a nation of freeloaders, deadbeats, and compulsive complainers who are quick to judge the wealthiest one percent, yet take no responsibility for their own poverty.

I tell ya, we must have the richest poor people on the planet!

I’m not saying every person looking for a bargain falls into this category. There are certainly plenty of folks who work their asses off just to make ends meet, yet are still able to control their spending habits in order to avoid excessive debt and hardship.

I’m not talking about those people.

I’m talking about the 46 percent of Americans that carry a credit card balance from month to month without a care in the world. The folks that are sitting on more than $15,000 in credit card debt right now. That number is slightly lower than the average credit card debt in this country.

In total, American consumers owe about $847 billion in credit card debt. And yet, we always seem to find a little more wiggle room to trample over pregnant women at department stores in order to be the first in line for the latest gadget that’ll help you waste even more time, spend even more money and become even further disconnected from the real world.

I don’t mean to sound so brash, but figuring the kind of economic, social and political mess we’re in today, it turns my stomach to see the video footage I’ve posted below.

Take a look at it, and tell me, am I wrong for find this completely unsettling?

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