Bill + Biden = BILLIONS

Written By Jason Williams

Updated January 10, 2024

Greetings and welcome back to the week! I hope you had a nice break from work.

I hope you also enjoyed the break you had from my articles since you’d had to deal with two in a row last week.

But I’m back — fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you feel about my writing.

And I’ve got another interesting opportunity I want to share with you.

But first I’ve got to set the stage by reporting on some news you might have missed…

Biden Backs Nuclear Response

“Whoa! Did I really miss THAT!?”

That’s what you’re probably thinking.

But before you go off to Google “fallout shelters,” I’m not talking about a nuclear response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

I just couldn’t resist using that subheading. At least I didn’t use that to get you to open the email or click on the article, though.

Most “journalists” these days probably would have. But I’m digressing as usual and need to get back on topic.

What President Biden backed was a nuclear response to climate change and the current energy crisis we’ve gotten ourselves into.

You see, as of last week, the Biden administration is launching a $6 BILLION effort to rescue America’s nuclear industry and help it get us to those carbon-free targets we’re supposed to hit in a few years.

And it’s not just talk, either. This plan is already in action.

A bidding process opened up last Tuesday for a credit program that will help bolster America’s nuclear industry AND further cut our reliance on foreign oil.

So I guess that does kind of make it a nuclear response to Russian aggression… sort of… but not really.

But Here’s the Rub

Currently, nuclear energy generates about one-fifth of U.S. electricity. And Biden and his administration want it to make up a lot more.

But while we do have a whole lot of production capability when it comes to fuel for coal- and gas-fired power plants, we’ve got just about nothing when it comes to nuclear power.

In fact, we get most of the fuel we use to run the few reactors we still have left from China and… you guessed it… Russia.

So just building more reactors and upgrading old ones isn’t going to cut it.

The U.S needs its own source of nuclear fuel.

We need to stop getting the uranium that powers our reactors from our rivals if we’re ever going to become energy independent or carbon neutral.

But we started shuttering our uranium refinement operations back in the 1970s. And we shut down the last one back in the early 2000s.

And we, like Europe, have become reliant on Russia for our energy. That’s not a good look.

And it’s certainly not going to help President Biden get the nuclear industry growing here in the States again.

Your Knight in Shining Radioactive Armor

But that situation presents an incredible opportunity for one small company and the investors backing it.

You see, the government organization that used to be in charge of refining ALL nuclear fuel and supplying it to ALL reactors in the country still exists.

In fact, in its heyday, this organization generated something like 70% of the refined uranium fuel for the entire world’s nuclear power industry.

And after the government shuttered the last refining operation, it spun off the organization and its remaining assets as a private company.

The Treasury Department scored a few million bucks for something the government had no use for anymore.

And the public got the company that would eventually grow to become the supplier of the U.S. nuclear industry once again.

Because, you see, after the last plant was shuttered and the organization became a private company, it reorganized itself and used those decades of expertise to figure out how to make a completely new type of fuel.

It’s safer, cleaner, and far more powerful than the refined uranium we’re using right now.

And thanks to the company’s government connections from decades of being an actual part of the government, this company was granted the ONLY license to produce the fuel in the U.S.

And remember, we’re getting most of the fuel for our nuclear reactors from Russia right now. But Biden’s not a fan of old Vladimir Vladimirovich.

And he’s trying to cut off all access to the capital that the tyrant needs to escalate his unprovoked war.

So sending even a penny of that money he’s earmarked for the U.S. nuclear industry to Russian companies is a complete deal-killer.

You starting to see what I’m getting at here?

A Whole New Generation

Now, obviously, this new move by the Biden administration plays right into the hands of this company (and my investment thesis).

But it’s not the only reason I’m so excited about the potential I see in this stock for early investors.

That’s because there’s a whole new generation of nuclear reactors under development.

And every last one of them requires that special new fuel our target company has the ONLY license to produce.

You starting to see where I’m going?

Yep. It’s the only company in the U.S. with a license to produce the fuel the new reactors ALL need.

In fact, it’s the only company in the U.S that’s even got the capability to produce it!

And that means, especially if the government shuts down imports from Russia entirely, this company has every nuclear operator in the U.S. eating out of the palm of its hand.

Those operators need it and they know it. And that need is going to create a whole new generation of millionaires out of in-the-know investors.

Especially since one of those needy companies is owned by a very rich man you might have heard of: Bill Gates.

Partner or Purchaser?

See, Bill’s no dummy. I’m sure you could guess that.

He’s also not one to leave much to chance if he can avoid it.

That’s why he’s already signed a contract with this company to purchase as much of this new fuel as it can produce.

It’s why his nuclear company and this company partnered to develop the production process faster.

And it’s also why I’ve got a gut feeling Bill Gates is going to buy the whole operation outright…

For a massive premium, to make sure the deal goes through, too.

Like I said, he doesn’t like to leave anything to chance.

And if he can throw money at a problem to make it go away, he’s got plenty of money to throw around.

So I’m betting that once this company proves it can supply him with the fuel he — and all his competitors — need, he’s going to buy it and dominate yet another industry.

That’s why I’m advising my investors to set up a position in the company BEFORE that happens.

Buy Before Bill

And that’s why I want you to get yourself invested too.

So to make it as easy as possible, I’ve got a full presentation for you with all the information you’ll need.

I’ll tell you about the company’s history and how it got to where it is today.

I’ll get into the details of the fuel and the new generation of reactors.

I’ll explain why Bill Gates is so interested.

And most importantly, I’ll tell you how you can get invested BEFORE Biden gives out the BILLIONS of dollars and Bill buys this little company lock, stock, and barrel.

So take a little time today to hear about what I uncovered.

Or read about it in this written report if you prefer.

Just don’t wait too long. The trial production run is going on now.

If it’s successful, Gates may swoop in and pay a premium before you get a chance to pick up shares.

So check it out right now and get yourself invested today.

And keep your eyes out for my next article. I’ll have a few more ways you can set yourself up for big gains.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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