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Why We're Building a Biotech Stock Calendar

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted March 30, 2019

Last week I reached out to clue you in on a massive moneymaking opportunity lurking just around the corner.

I showed you just how quickly small, development-stage biotech stocks can take off when news of a major impact event breaks.

And, more specifically, I highlighted a number of biotech stocks that exploded in March, including:

  • Ascendis Pharma (NASDAQ: ASND), which climbed 81% in a single day of trading (March 4)

  • Bio-Path Holdings (NASDAQ: BPTH), which exploded 1,843% (February 8 through March 7)

  • Axovant Gene Therapies (NASDAQ: AXGT), which climbed 65% in a single day (March 11)

  • Daré Bioscience (NASDAQ: DARE), up 103.9% in a single day (March 18)

  • Dermira, Inc. (NASDAQ: DERM), up 87.4% in a single day (March 18)

  • And PhaseBio (NASDAQ: PHAS), up 88.8% in a single day (March 18)

I also told you last week that we were bound to see at least a few more of these events before the month was up. Following through with this prediction, I’ll point you to yet another biotech breakout we saw earlier this week.

In fact, I'll give you two...

On Tuesday, March 26, a small biotech company by the name of Aldeyra Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ALDX) skyrocketed 79% in a single day, after announcing positive Phase 3 results for its lead drug candidate, reproxalap, as a potential treatment for “allergic conjunctivitis.”

“Allergic conjunctivitis” is the clinical term for dry and itchy eyes caused by allergic reactions, but the terminology honestly isn’t that important. What matters to you is that the company took off on the release of clinical trial results, as so many biotech stocks do after the release of top-line data or regulatory decisions.

Also this week, we saw Seelos Therapeutics (NASDAQ: SEEL) release an update on its drug pipeline, leading to a 30% gap open Friday morning.

Now, I challenge anyone reading this to present a segment of the stock market that produces consistent gains as big as these and in such short periods of time...

That challenge, of course, is rhetorical. Nowhere else will traders find such massive one-day stock returns as they will in development-stage biotech. Nowhere else, either, are these kinds of moves telegraphed so clearly by a schedule of upcoming catalyst events.

As I mentioned last week, my team and I have developed a trading strategy to leverage these kinds of events for maximum profit, and I’ll be sharing all the details in a free, limited-time webinar that will air on April 18.

You see, for more than a year, I’ve been building a network of doctors, analysts, and former bench scientists who have worked in the very same kinds of labs that innovative drugs are being developed in today.

Jointly, I’ve put together a private calendar, marking down critical catalyst dates of small biotech stocks that most people will never even know the name of.

Put the two together, and you get what is easily the single most compelling trading strategy I’ve come across in my entire career. By tracking the global drug development pipeline, we’re able to get in
before these events happen and ride the hype for stock returns most investors can only dream of.

One thing I didn’t mention last week, by the way, is a calculation we’ve developed called “Chance of Success.” We’ll get into the full details during the webinar on April 18, but understand for now that this number tells us exactly how likely a drug is to make it through FDA approval, down to a single percentage point.

Our team takes every detail into account when determining the Chance of Success of a drug or medical device. We look at what kind of drug it is, which disease is being targeted, the method of delivery, and, of course, all the available trial data. We then adjust off historical baselines for the most accurate risk assessment possible.

Our analysis goes so far that it will even take into account the voting history of the individuals who are sitting on the FDA panels, making the final regulatory decisions.

Ultimately, this means we know when to take and when to avoid certain risks. For instance, we have the option of only betting on drug candidates with a 90% approval chance or higher. In fact, some of the catalysts we're currently looking at have chance of approvals as high as 99%.

Nothing comes without risk trading on the market, of course, but these odds are the best I’ve ever come across by a long shot.

Registration for this event is just around the corner, so keep an eye open for the next couple weeks. We’re still putting together the final bonus materials, but early registrants will be receiving a free podcast, early access, and critical information on the drug development process that will allow you to leverage these events for maximum profit.

More on all this next week.

Until next time,

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Jason Stutman

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Jason Stutman is Wealth Daily's senior technology analyst and editor of investment advisory newsletters Technology and Opportunity and Topline Trader. His strategy for building winning portfolios is simple: Buy the disruptor, sell the disrupted.

Covering the broad sector of technology and occasionally dabbling in the political sphere, Jason has written hundreds of articles spanning topics from consumer electronics and development stage biotechnology to political forecasting and social commentary.

Outside the office Jason is a lover of science fiction and the outdoors. He writes through the lens of a futurist, free market advocate, and fiscal conservative. Jason currently hails from Baltimore, Maryland, with roots in the great state of New York.

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