3 Cheap Stocks to Buy Now

Jason Williams

Updated April 25, 2024

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Often people hear the word “cheap” and get the wrong perception. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean low quality. In fact, it means something has more innate value than its price would suggest. So today I want to cover some cheap stocks to buy now that represent quality companies with true potential.

cheap stocks to buy now

These are all stocks that represent companies with vast potential for future gains. But they’re all stocks any investor would deem cheap stocks to buy. Every single one of them is priced below $5 per share. But they’re also all undervalued based on their future earnings and recent sales and profit growth.

Not only are these cheap stocks to buy from a dollar value standpoint, but they’re also fundamentally cheap because every one of them has a history of growing revenues and earnings. And every one of them is currently being undervalued by the markets. So, now that you understand the criteria for making the list, let’s get into the top cheap stocks to buy now.

Cheap Stocks to Buy Now #1 — Aytu BioPharma Inc. (NASDAQ: AYTU)

First on my list of cheap stocks to buy now is a specialty pharmaceutical company called Aytu BioPharma. It engages in identifying, acquiring, and commercializing novel biomedical products. It specializes in providing a range of health-oriented products aimed at improving overall well-being.

cheap stocks to buy now aytu

And it’s one of the top cheap stocks to buy now because of its current lines of product lines and its history of sales and earnings growth. But it’s also one of the top chap stocks to buy now because of a drug candidate in its pipeline called enzastaurin. It targets a genetic disorder known as VEDS that affects the body’s connective tissues. If this study is successful, it could send Aytu’s shares soaring.

So the past sales and earnings growth, the low share price and valuation, the current lineup of products, and the potential future breakthroughs make Aytu BioPharma one of the top cheap stocks to buy now.

Cheap Stocks to Buy Now #2 — MeiraGTx Holdings PLC (NASDAQ: MGTX)

The next company on my list of top cheap stocks to buy now is a clinical-stage gene therapy company called MeiraGTx Holdings. It offers a broad pipeline of preclinical and research programs. And it also focuses on gene therapy manufacturing and transformative gene regulation technology.

Like Aytu, it’s a biosciences company focusing on finding novel ways to improve peoples’ health. And like Aytu, it’s one of the top cheap stocks to buy now because it’s got a track record of growing both sales and profits and a low valuation because the market is underestimating its potential.

cheap stocks to buy now mgtx

And that potential, and what really makes this one of the best cheap stocks to buy now, is that pipeline of research programs. As you can see in the image above, the company has multiple programs in clinical development. These include the Phase 3 Lumeos clinical study for X-linked retinitis pigmentosa (XLRP), Phase 1/2 clinical stage programs in achromatopsia (ACHM) and RPE65 deficiency, Phase 2 clinical study for radiation-induced xerostomia (RIX), and a Parkinson’s program that has completed a Phase 2 trial with published data.

As those studies start yielding new therapies, the sales are going to explode, and with them, the share price. And this will no longer be on anyone’s list of cheap stocks to buy now or anytime, because it’ll be so darned expensive after that rally.

Cheap Stocks to Buy Now #3 — Ocuphire Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: OCUP)

Coming in third, for no particular reason, on my list of cheap stocks to buy now is Ocuphire Pharma. And I say there’s no particular reason because all of these cheap stocks to buy now represent potentially incredible value for a tiny upfront investment. They’re all No. 1 in my book.

And Ocuphire is another biotechnology company that’s priced too low for the potential packed into its operations. Like the other cheap stocks to buy now, it’s got a low share price and a low valuation. And that’s despite growing its sales and earnings over the past five years.

cheap stocks to buy ocup

Ocuphire is a late clinical-stage ophthalmic biopharmaceutical company, which is a mouthful. But it means that Ocuphire is focused on developing and commercializing therapies for the treatment of retinal and refractive eye disorders. And like the other stocks in the list, its future potential comes from that product pipeline you can see above that it’s developing into sellable candidates.

The potential packed into those possible breakthrough therapies makes this another of the best cheap stocks to buy now. And the profits that will come when those candidates make it to market will send shares to the moon.

Cheap Stocks to Buy Now — Bonus Edition

Now, you may have noticed that all of my cheap stocks to buy now had a lot in common. Not only are they all literally cheap stocks to buy now, but they’re all operating in a niche industry. And this industry is one of the best places for investors to look for cheap stocks to buy now and forever.

It’s the biotechnology or biopharmaceutical industry. And it’s an industry that delivers the most explosive stock gains investors will ever see. I’m talking about a company with a $1 share price that goes up 1,000% overnight, to $10 a share, because a new drug candidate got approved.

But the reason these companies always rank on the list of cheap stocks to buy now is because it’s so hard to tell if and when those therapies will get that approval. So investors can’t really know if these are cheap stocks to buy now, or if they’re cheap for a reason now. But that all changes today…

You see, my colleague Keith Kohl has been immersed in the biotech markets for years. And he’s delivered countless triple-digit returns to his investors by knowing where to invest and when. It’s not that he’s got a knack for guessing the best cheap stocks to buy now. It’s that he’s developed a system that ranks these potentially explosive biotech companies on their chances of success.

cheap stocks to buy now topline trader

Using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis, as well as connections deep within the biotechnology industry and the regulatory agencies that hold the fate of these companies in their hands… Keith’s system is able to pinpoint almost the exact day a company will get approved or denied. And he’s able to get his investors in before the big profits and out before the big disappointments.

So, since every one of my top cheap stocks to buy now is in a market my friend specializes in… and since he just had a few spots open up in his premium trading community… I want to extend an opportunity to you to join him, me, and the thousands of others already profiting from his system and the alerts it helps him put out. That way you’ll always know the best cheap stocks to buy now. And you’ll never have to search for them again.

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