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We Will Never Have to Live Through Another Mass Shooting Again

Written by Briton Ryle
Posted January 7, 2018 at 7:00PM

Consider your Second Amendment rights forever saved from curtailment. Consider your safety at public events an impenetrable, rock-solid guarantee.

Never again will you, your family, or your loved ones enter a stadium, concert venue, office building, or hotel and worry whether another terrorist attack or mass shooting event will occur.

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy going to concerts and events... but there is always a voice of slightly paranoid reason in the back of your mind wondering, “What if?”

And really, we should not have to worry about our own safety to this exacerbated degree.

But if you’re a proud supporter of gun rights, neither will you ever again have to worry that your innate constitutional right will be repealed.

Banning weapons will never guarantee our public security, as we’ve seen in the slew of tragic events that have occurred over the past year alone.

No piece legislation or upheaval of our constitutional rights could ever obtain a fraction of the results experienced with the technology I’d like to talk to you about today.

From now on, you can rest assured that this brand new technology has got you covered.

Life- and Right-Saving Tech

A small Canadian company is bringing forward a groundbreaking solution for the future of public safety.

The company, based in Vancouver, is commercializing a system that detects and differentiates a wide array of concealed weapons and threats.

The technology offers standoff detection of concealed threats typically employed in public areas.

This means no more emptying pockets, no more removing jewelry, and no more clear plastic purses for the ladies. No more walking through standard metal detectors, no more pat-downs, and no more long and time-consuming security checkpoints.

Unlike the giant, whole-body scanners you see in places like airports, this company's units are small enough to be hidden in existing infrastructure, from walls and doorways to turnstiles and elevator banks.

Sounds a bit too good to be true, right? Well, I can promise you that this technology is completely real, and its success rate has been incredibly impressive thus far.

The system uses an innovative radar technology and software solution that provides first responders and security personnel with the necessary valuable time they need in any active threat situation.

The concentrated information the system provides signals exact intelligence for when a situation arises without wasting precious time, unlike what is seen with traditional security methods and equipment in place today.

What truly separates this device from the rest is its “cognitive” ability to detect guns, knives, and bombs and assess other dangerous threats.

The system is trained prior to installation and continues to learn and adapt upon deployment, getting better and smarter at detecting hidden weapons — and not your smartphone — with each screening.

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This small Canadian company is tackling the growing global need for effective active threat management in an increasingly threatened world.

And its technology appears to be more than up for the task.

Real-Life Application

If you activate the satellite view on Google Maps and zoom in over the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll see a strange collection of Y-shaped buildings: the Mirage, Monte Carlo, Mandalay Bay, and Treasure Island.

Their design was specifically crafted to put gambling at the center of everything, carefully angling visitors past card tables and slot machines whether they’re en route to a show, their room, a restaurant, or a retail store.

For years, the casino floor was where Vegas resorts made their money, and the Y was devilishly good at monetizing it.

However, Y-shaped buildings pose a unique and difficult security challenge.

The bulk of the guests are typically lingering in one highly concentrated area. Ensuring their safety — and the safety of the resort’s assets — requires more than just some cameras and security guards.

Never was this more apparent than at the shooting that occurred at last year's Harvest Festival. When the authorities searched the hotel room of Mandalay Bay gunman Stephen Paddock, they found 23 firearms in his possession that went unnoticed when he checked himself in earlier that day.

For Vegas resorts and casinos, screening for concealed weapons has become more critical than ever, but they would prefer to do it without metal detectors, wands, pat-downs, and other buzzkill tactics.

That's why this system could be the ideal security solution for a destination like Las Vegas, where resorts find themselves in the unenviable position of ensuring the safety of their guests, while also stoking the ambiance of freedom, excess, and — as the city famously advertises — unaccountability.

But Vegas is just the beginning.

This device's utility far exceeds the limitations of Vegas resorts and casinos.

It could easily be implemented in our children’s schools, our favorite sports team’s stadiums, shopping malls, and movie theaters.

I know this is terribly cliché, but the possibilities are literally endless for this technology.

Plus, it has already been awarded the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Declaration of Conformity certification. So it’s bound to set up shop and explode onto the scene any minute now.

I’m telling you, in the very near future, this self-improving safety solution will be in just about every public establishment throughout North America and around the entire world.

For me as a human being, this is the sort of product I can easily stand behind — one that will give us all that extra peace of mind as we go about our daily lives.

However, for me as an investor, this is definitely the sort of product that keeps me awake at night with excitement.

My colleague Alex Koyfman first turned me onto this Canadian company, and he has created an entire video presentation detailing its revolutionary new technology so you can learn about it, too.

He made this presentation available to the public for the first time ever just last week.

Click here to see for yourself.

Until next time,

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