3 Small Defense Stocks to Buy Now

Written By Wealth Daily Research Team

Posted January 31, 2024

The U.S. Defense Budget is one of the greatest honeypots of all time. But if you’re only investing in the top defense stocks like Boeing, Raytheon, or any other of the big names… odds are you’re leaving money on the table. That’s why we’ve our research and media team has put together this brand-new video detailing the 3 Small Defense Stocks to Buy Now. 

You see, when defense contractors whose shares trade for $10 or less, they offer MUCH more upside. By identifying those opportunities, investors can position themselves for historical gains. And it happens more often than you may think. 

In fact, within the first minute of the video below, Sara will introduce you to just three of many small defense contractors that have broken out. But make sure you stick around, because after a brief overview of the Defense sector and some historical context, Sara reveals three small defense stocks that could explode. We’re talking double, triple, maybe even 10x gains. 

Don’t take our word for it though, see for yourself…

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3 Small Defense Stocks to Buy Now

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