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The Time to Buy This Revolutionary New Crypto Is Here Again... But for How Long?

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted May 2, 2018 at 8:00PM

Dear Reader,

Just when you thought the crypto bull run was over and done with, it comes back stronger than ever... this time without all the media hype. 

Both of the biggest names in the business, Bitcoin and Ethereum, have been posting massive gains in the last couple weeks, contributing to a general recovery of the crypto market. 

Over the last month, the total cryptocurrency market capitalization has risen from $248 billion on April 6 to $428 billion on May 2 — a gain of 72%. 

Not just price, but trading volume — the most important indicator of market strength — is coming back healthier than ever. 

But even within this rapidly expanding market, there is a standout that's been blowing away the competition... And few crypto investors have even heard of it. 

Before I get into how much this revolutionary new cryptocurrency has gained in the last four weeks, I want to fill you in on what it does. 

Because up until now, understanding of functionality is one of the things that's eluded a vast majority of cryptocurrency speculators.

The World's Most Powerful Computer... At Your Fingertips

The technology behind this new cryptocurrency isn't just easy to understand. It's also truly paradigm-shifting. 

The idea is to take the non-used computing power of millions, potentially billions of computing devices and allow members of a community to use it to solve complex problems and perform tasks that no ordinary machine could handle on its own. 

In short, it's crowd-sourced processing power.

This consolidated computing power can be used to generate CGI renderings, solve incredibly difficult mathematical problems, create computer models to predict things like weather patterns or the performance of aircraft in flight, or do anything, really, that the mind of a user can come up with. 

The total computing power this community has access to grows every day and will eventually bring to life the single most powerful number-crunching machine the world has ever known. 

There is no single supercomputer in existence that comes close to the power this multi-sourced processor will be able to wield. 

Personally, I find it hard to decide which attribute of this amazing innovation is more important: the processing power it will command, or the fact that it will be accessible to individual users like you and me.

The Ultimate Democracy

In the past, supercomputers like the kind built by major corporations or governments were only available to the agencies and departments that created and controlled them. 

With this democratic solution, a power that dwarves those multimillion-dollar supercomputers becomes everyone's property. 

That's the foundation of this cryptocurrency, and unlike the functional value brought to you by the first generation of cryptos, this one isn't just easy to understand, but also incredibly useful. 

So now that you know what it does, let's get to what's been happening with the value of the tokens. 

At the peak of the cryptocurrency market this January, the price of one of these tokens went past $1, bringing its total market cap close to $1 billion. 

When the bottom fell out of the market, prices went below $0.20, with an absolute low of $0.18 per coin less than four weeks ago.

No Longer Just a Modern-Day Tulip... This Time It's Real

Yesterday, the price crossed the $0.65 mark and kept right on going. As I write this, I'm looking at $0.67 — a 272% gain in less than one month. 

If this looks like the bubble is reinflating to you, you couldn't be farther off. 

This cryptocurrency, like all cryptocurrencies, exploded in price based on broad market mania. Today, lacking the 24/7 media coverage that fed it through most of 2017, the market is operating on its own, organically. 

In short, this is no longer a bubble. It's the real deal, fed by natural demand from an increasingly informed, sophisticated pool of investors. 

If you think my optimism is unfounded, I would just like to point out that it actually follows a well-established pattern of mania speculation, followed by crash, followed by mainstream adoption. 

It’s the same pattern that defined the internet revolution almost two decades ago, the PC revolution two decades before that, and countless other technical innovations (VHS, television, radio, telephone) as they evolved from novelty to mass-adoption. 

But let's not waste time with history lessons. 

The biggest gains are still ahead, and this time, they will not evaporate overnight as millions of weak hands run scared. 

That's already happened. 

What comes next may be the biggest investment opportunity in a generation. 

Don't let it pass you by again. Get the full story, including the name of the cryptocurrency and detailed instructions on how to buy it, by clicking here.

Fortune favors the bold,

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