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The Battle to 5G Is Getting Brutal

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted February 25, 2020

Even though we’re only approaching the third month of 2020, it might be safe to say that it will be a big year for 5G. After years of discussing what the technology could do for society, the economy, and the world, all of that talk needs to become a reality. 

This will be the year that a lot of very important decisions are made to ensure that countries and their economies will benefit from the next generation of wireless technology. The U.S., the U.K., and Germany (just to name a few) are deciding how they plan to incorporate 5G into their infrastructure to see the most benefit. No country wants to be left behind. 

The Trump administration has been working especially hard to ensure that the U.S. is a 5G frontrunner. Last week, it was reported that the Trump administration is planning a 5G summit as early as April, which would bring global tech leaders to the White House. This plan is part of the administration’s effort to prevent Chinese telecom giant Huawei from becoming the leader in 5G technologies. While this summit isn’t quite yet official, it’s at the top of Trump's agenda. 

The president’s top economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, told reporters last Friday:

We’re going to have a lot of them in the White House to have a discussion. I’m sure the president will join us in part. That would include Samsung, that would include all our guys.

The U.S. wants to dominate the communications industry by getting the best information from the tech industry so that it can make a case against Huawei 5G to other countries. The U.S. does not think it’s wise for its allies to make deals with Huawei because of potential security risks.

The U.K. knew about the U.S.'s stance on Huawei, so when the U.K. decided to allow Huawei equipment in its 5G networks, you better believe that the Trump administration was not happy about it; a strong ally went against the U.S.’s recommendation. Though working with Huawei was probably a necessary, strategic approach for the U.K., the U.S. doesn’t see it that way and doesn’t want other allies to follow suit.

The U.S. admits that it’ll continue to put pressure on the U.K. to change its decision. U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Cyber and International Communications and Information Policy Robert L. Strayer had this to say about that situation: 

Our understanding is that there might have been some initial decisions made but conversations are continuing. If countries adopt untrustworthy vendors in 5G technology, it will jeopardize our ability to share information at the highest levels.

Despite the U.S.’s efforts to stop Huawei from helping other countries roll out 5G networks, the company is pushing ahead with its strategy. Recently, Huawei said that it believed it was 12–18 months ahead of competitors like Ericsson and Nokia and that it has about 91 5G contracts.

The race to 5G dominance is in full effect. The U.S. needs to step up, so the Trump administration will make this summit of top tech companies a priority. Forecasts suggest that by 2030, 5G could add trillions of dollars to the global economy. A recent report from McKinsey Global Institute says that much more money could come from low- and mid-band 5G rollouts rather than the more costly high-band 5G deployments. 

Regardless, the industry is going to provide the global economy with some lucrative benefits. It's no wonder the U.S. is taking action to make sure it can secure the best 5G networks. While this fight begins to heat up, there’s another 5G race going on. Some of America’s largest media companies are depending on a small 5G company. 

This tiny company is leading the charge. Even the U.S. government knows it, which is why it has partnered with it. Comcast, Verizon, T-Mobile, and even the Department of Defense will have to pay this company to use its services. This battle isn’t getting a lot of press, at least not as much the one between the White House and Huawei.

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