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Investing in Hafnium

A Metal More Valuable Than Gold!

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted June 16, 2015

If there were only two gold mining companies in the world, would they be in your portfolio?

What if there were only two silver mining companies in the world? Would those be in your portfolio?

How about copper, lithium, or rhenium? (The latter, by the way, is one of the most expensive metals on the planet because it is extremely rare. Right now, rhenium goes for about $2,755 per kg.)

My point is that there are just some metals that are so valuable, only a fool would ignore the opportunity to own some. But in some cases, there are only a few options.

This is the case with hafnium — a rare and strategic metal that both the aerospace industry and the nuclear industry can't live without. It's actually produced out of zirconium, but it takes an entire ton of zirconium to get between 10 to 50 kg. of hafnium!

And here's the kicker... Right now, there's not enough supply to keep up with demand. Some have actually estimated a 50% increase in hafnium prices over the next 12 months.

Get more bang for your buck!

The increased demand for hafnium seems to be coming primarily from the nuclear industry.

Although nuclear is dead in the water in the U.S., globally, nuclear remains strong. In fact, the International Atomic Energy Agency has predicted more than 800 gigawatts of nuclear will be in place by 2030. Today, it's less than 400 gigawatts.

Most of this growth is coming from China, Russia, and India, although Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Poland are also getting aggressive on building and expanding nuclear capacity.

While Fukushima did put a temporary kibosh on nuclear investing for a few years, the industry is back with a vengeance, and as a result, the demand for nuclear rods is increasing dramatically. Now guess what metal is required for nuclear rods?

That's right, hafnium. And while the coming boom in nuclear is certainly going to push uranium prices north, if you're going to play this growth story, you'll get more bang for your buck with hafnium.

Wet your beak

In the hafnium space, there's really only a handful of players, with the two largest being Areva SA (OTCBB: ARVCF) and Allegheny Technologies (NYSE: ATI).

These two companies alone produce more than 60% of the world's hafnium supplies.

Of course, these aren't pure plays, but certainly both can get you some exposure to hafnium.

There are some smaller operations out there, too, but they're just too risky to mention here. That being said, we have uncovered one company that can not only provide us with direct exposure to the hafnium space but actually do so with guaranteed supply.

In other words, instead of investing in a company that's producing hafnium, you actually buy your own supply from a company that's already got it stored away in a vault.

It's right there, right now. And I know the guy who can get us access to it.

Of course, because hafnium is in such short supply, there's only a small amount available. So I asked this guy to set some aside for us when he gets his next delivery.

If you want wet your beak on this deal along with me, click here now, and I'll make sure someone gets in touch with you as soon as we get confirmation that the hafnium has arrived safely.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

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