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In Science We Trust?

Written by Monica Savaglia
Posted April 28, 2020

We’re all getting a little bit restless. Trust me, I know how you feel.

Over the weekend, some states decided to slowly start to open back up and ease up on lockdown restrictions for residents. A CBS News poll that was published on Thursday reported that 70% of respondents believe the country’s top priority should be to “try to slow the spread of coronavirus by keeping people home and social distancing, even if the economy is hurt in the short term.” 

There’s no way for sure to understand exactly what a state government will need to do in order to make sure that gradually re-opening will be a success. No one has dealt with a pandemic this massive. There is still new information being revealed every day about new ways to protect ourselves from the virus. However, as much as we can prepare and take precautions, there is still a lot that's unknown. And re-opening would require a lot of trust — trust that these businesses are appropriately following precautionary measures and have public health at the top of their priorities. 

Though uncertainties abound, there is one thing that is for sure: The biotech industry is working hard to find solutions to this problem. This industry has become more important than ever before and is increasingly in the public eye. People want a vaccine or anything to ease fears that they might have about going out in public and spending money the way the government wants. Any type of solution or assistance with combatting this virus would help businesses feel safer about opening back up. No business wants to be held responsible for spreading the virus and causing more deaths.

The biotech industry has become an important tool for bringing back that security. Millions of people are counting on this industry to come through — and you know it will. If I’m being completely honest with you, the company (or companies) that come through will reap the rewards — for its reputation and financials. If we look even closer, it’s not even just the biotechs working closely to figure out solutions to the spread of this virus that are reaping the rewards.

If there is one sector that will continue to soar throughout the coronavirus pandemic, it’s the biotech sector. The majority of stocks have fallen since March and have had a hard time picking back up, but biotech shares remain persistent. Since January 2, the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index has risen more than 5%. 

That explains why we are still seeing biotech companies go public even with market uncertainty and all the uncertainty involved with trying to figure out what society will look like when people emerge from lockdown. Some of those recent U.S. venture-backed biotech IPOs include Zentalis Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ZNTL), Imara Inc (NASDAQ: IMRA), and last Friday’s public offering from ORIC Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ORIC). ORIC set its IPO price at $16 per share and it rose to more than 61%, closing out its first day of trading at $25.77 — further proving that the market for biotechs remains strong.

Science seems to be the only trusted opinion right now, and rightfully so. This could explain why investors have increased their interests in the biotech industry. It’s something that people can turn to and trust. And it’s going to be the thing that gets us through this pandemic or at least eases our minds. This could be a big reason behind why the industry has been able to come out ahead. 

This industry is sometimes overlooked by everyday investors because, on the surface, it seems complicated and overwhelming to stay up to date on what each biotech company is doing, how their clinical trials are progressing, and if anything they are working on will come to market. 

The global economy is being beaten down, and trillions of dollars have been wiped out of the stock market. While people dwell on that news, they aren’t seeing the opportunity in this global pandemic. Some biotech companies are through the roof, and it’s just a matter of knowing where to look. With that being said, I have an opportunity for you that I think you’ll find very rewarding, an opportunity that will let you be a part of this sector. 

All you need to know is in this video. This opportunity and groundbreaking investment system could give you a shot at six triple-digit winners. You’ll learn how you can gain access to the $1.1 trillion biotechnology sector without having to be a doctor, have a Ph.D. in biochemistry, or even a college education. 

In this video, you’ll gain access to other biotech companies that are coming down the pike that will be releasing their trial data on brand-new drug therapies. You’ll also learn more about this investment system and how it assists you in reaping the rewards of this lucrative industry. 

There is almost always an opportunity, even in a world of uncertainty; it’s just a matter of where to look. So take a look at this video. 

Until next time,

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Monica Savaglia

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