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How Much More Does Amazon Want?!

Written by Jason Williams
Posted February 28, 2020

Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos have a pretty sweet deal. The company is already practically a monopoly in online retail. It’s raking in hundreds of billions each year in sales. Its market cap is over $1 trillion, making its founder and CEO the richest person on the planet.

bezos cash

But that’s not enough for old Jeff. He wants even more.

The trillion-dollar behemoth barely pays corporate taxes, it’s gotten billions in breaks and subsidies to build an HQ in Virginia and operations in other states, and now it’s demanding millions from Delaware if the small state wants it to keep playing ball.

You’ve Got to Pay to Play

Earlier this week, officials in the tiny mid-Atlantic state of Delaware approved plans to help Amazon build its largest-ever fulfillment center on the site of the former GM plant to the west of Wilmington.

Not only did Bob Marley work at the plant for a time in the 1960s, but it also provided competitive jobs to thousands of residents in the area before closing in the late-2000s. So, it’s understandable that state officials are excited at the prospect of bringing jobs back to the area.

But Jeff Bezos knows just how excited they are. So, he demanded millions in taxpayer-funded subsidies before he would agree to build this new, state-of-the-art warehouse. And he got everything he asked for.

Proponents of the payoff said that property values have risen ever since Amazon opened a smaller fulfillment center in Middletown, DE. And they said it would create competitive jobs for the residents who had trouble finding work since the GM plant closed.

But in truth, there’s no way to tell if property values around the new warehouse will go up, down, or not even budge. And the competitive jobs argument doesn’t have a leg to stand on when you see the jobs Amazon is bringing.

Something’s Better Than Nothing, Right?

Back when the GM plant was still open, its base pay was $26 plus benefits. That’s around $54,000 a year. And that was the median income in the region the year before the plant closed.

Amazon is bringing 1,000 new jobs with the fulfillment center, but they’re not anywhere near as good as the ones that left.

Almost 900 of the 1,000 will make $15 an hour — $31,200 per year. And 50 more will make $33,000 a year. The last 50 will be management, averaging $60,000 a year plus benefits. But the median income in that area is around $70,000 a year. So, none of the jobs are actually competitive at all.

And yet, the lie was shoved down taxpayers’ throats on Monday so that Jeff Bezos can get a little bit richer and Amazon can get a little closer to becoming a true monopoly.

Something’s Got to Give

If you’re anything like me, that makes you furious. People are having trouble making ends meet across the country. We’re working later into life just so we don’t run out of money before we die. And our politicians are giving out billions in incentives to the richest guy on the freaking planet!

bezos greed

Something has to change. It’s time to take some of that money back from Mr. Bezos. And I’ve uncovered a way to do just that.

You see, one of the reasons Bezos always demands such big bonuses for setting up shop is because he has to pay a lot of money each year to keep his company running.

And it adds up to tens of billions every single year. But he’s happy to keep paying it if it keeps him the richest person in the world. Honestly, he’s probably giddy to pay it when it’s coming from all the taxpayer subsidies he gets anyway.

And I found a way to get a piece of those massive payments a couple of years ago. I brought it to my partner at The Wealth Advisory, our investing community, and had him try to poke holes in the plan.

After months of research, both of us were sure this was the real thing. So, we advised the members of our community to get themselves involved so they could collect a share of the $1.5 billion in annual payouts it was generating.

The ones who took our advice are extremely happy they did. They’re getting payouts so large we’ve taken to calling them “Prime Profits” in our circle of investors.

prime profits clickable 

Sharing the Prime Profits

Now, normally, when someone finds a pot of gold like this, they keep it for themselves. But we’re a different breed at The Wealth Advisory.

We’ve learned that the best part about success is sharing it with others. So, our community decided that this opportunity was too good to keep a secret. And we want to share it with you, too.

We want you to help take some of the money Bezos has scammed out of American taxpayers back. But even more, we all want you to join us in collecting life-changing payouts.

And when I say life changing, I mean it. I’m talking about the potential to get an extra person’s worth of income every year the program continues to exist.

Take Carl, for example. He spent the last 35 years working for various companies. He collected $118,307 last year, and his most recent payout was a staggering $32,265!

There's also Jeffrey in San Francisco. He's a college professor and recently tallied up his "Prime Profits." They added up to $70,496!

Or how about David from New York? He's an instructor at a college and received $26,400 extra income in 2017 thanks to "Prime Profits!"

We want to see your name and outlandish payout on that list, too. So, we’ve put together a presentation that outlines the whole opportunity. Once you’re done, you’ll know everything you need to get involved and start collecting payouts yourself.

Don’t Put off Until Tomorrow…

But you don’t want to wait on this. The next payments are already being calculated. And the final figures will be released in just a few days. If you’re not involved by March 12, you’ll miss out on this round of "Prime Profit" payouts.

And you’ll have to hear about how much money other people are raking in because they acted quickly.

So, don’t wait. Take some time out of your day today — right now — and watch this presentation.

Or, if you prefer to read more about it, you can find all the same information in this written report.

Once you view the video or read the report, you’ll be all set to start collecting "Prime Profit" payments in your own account.

And as long as you act before March 12, you’re guaranteed to be a part of the next round.

But if you’re even a second late, you’ll miss out.

So, act now. Get the information and get involved. Then you can relax and wait for your payment to be deposited. 

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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After graduating Cum Laude in finance and economics, Jason designed and analyzed complex projects for the U.S. Army. He made the jump to the private sector as an investment banking analyst at Morgan Stanley, where he eventually led his own team responsible for billions of dollars in daily trading. Jason left Wall Street to found his own investment office and now shares the strategies he used and the network he built with you. Jason is the founder of Main Street Ventures, a pre-IPO investment newsletter, and co-authors The Wealth Advisory income stock newsletter. He also contributes regularly to Wealth Daily. To learn more about Jason, click here.

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