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Forget About Bitcoin: The Token Revolution Has Only Just Begun

Written by Jason Stutman
Posted December 9, 2017

If you're tired of hearing about Bitcoin and its digital currency brethren by now, trust me: I get it.

We've been hammering your inbox with cryptocurrency content nonstop lately, and I'm sure it's getting overwhelming for some of you. Believe me, though, when I say there's a reason we won't shut up about this burgeoning investment opportunity.

The crypto market is quickly proving to be one of the top, if not the single greatest, speculative investment opportunities of our lifetimes. Bubble or not, enormous sums of money are being made overnight by everyday investors, many of who are loyal readers to our family of newsletters.

We've been pushing Bitcoin in these pages since it was in the mid-$30s because our purpose is to identify lucrative investment trends and relay them to you well before the mainstream media catches on.

As I'm writing this, Bitcoin is trading for more than $15,000 — you don't need to do the math to realize that's an absurd, life-altering return if you got in at $35.00.

I say this not to brag or boast, but rather to verify our credibility as a source of early information and investment ideas. We catch a lot of flak for our aggressive marketing strategies and lofty price predictions, but we're not fleecing you when we say you can make triple- or quadruple-digit returns with our investment ideas. Bitcoin is just one example of this fact.

We push our ideas because we believe in their ability to produce results. We're not afraid to uncover bold opportunities, and we don't rely on conventional investment advice like the Wall Street sheep-herders who insist that the smartest thing for you to do is just be average.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to settle for an average portfolio or average returns (which happen to be insufficient for most retirements). I'd rather crash and burn striving for greatness than know I sat back and played it safe my whole life, watching calculated risk-takers make billions.

Of course, we're not crashing and burning in the slightest — we are red hot and on fire.

I understand any skepticism (after all, why trust a stranger on the internet?), but, with all due respect to the naysayers out there, how's that been working out for you so far?

Last week I sent out an email telling you the Bitcoin rally would continue, and it surely has. We've offered a guide outlining the ins and outs of digital currency investing — everything from the top altcoins challenging Bitcoin's dominance to tips on tax reporting and security — but only so many have taken us up on the offer, which is a shame.

We've even gone as far as giving out Bitcoin, sending it to subscribers directly so they can get started. I'm not so sure how I could make it any easier, but I can't force anyone's hand. My guess is that some of you are worried this market is topping out and are convinced you're "too late."

No doubt, the conventionally “safe” thing to do at this point is avoid Bitcoin and digital currencies altogether, but know that stagnancy can be just as dangerous as taking risks.

I believe it's Mark Zuckerberg to whom this wonderful quote is attributed:

In a world that's changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

Perhaps it's a function of my youth, but as far as I see things today, we're living in the age of accelerating disruption. Part of the reason conventional investing is moving the way of the dinosaur is because no asset is immune to competitive innovation.

The truth is nothing is safe anymore — not cash, not bonds, not real estate, not value stocks, not Social Security, and not your 401(k). The only way to avoid getting left in the dust these days is by staying vigilant and being two steps ahead of the curve.

With Bitcoin now at roughly $15,000 and the mainstream media all over it, there's no doubt we're approaching the top of that curve... but that doesn't mean there isn't more room to run, and, more importantly, it doesn't mean there aren't other opportunities in the digital currency space.

The reality is that digital tokens and the blockchain-inspired technologies powering them have the potential to completely disrupt the global economy. We're talking the “tokenization” of everything, from equity, to real estate, to gold, to virtually any other conceivable asset you can think of.

As Jakob Drzazga, co-founder of asset firm Brickblock, points out:

Through tokenization, investing is cheaper, faster, more secure and available every hour of the day. This opens up real-world assets and the world of cryptocurrencies to people who previously may not have been able to invest due to geographic or financial restrictions, and offers an alternative to traditional and largely outdated investment methods.

(I encourage you to write that word down: "tokenization." You're going to be hearing it a lot more often.)

If you think Bitcoin is big, hear me now when I say this is only the beginning and just one piece of a much larger puzzle. We're entering an entirely new age of investing, and, like the internet that came before it, tokenization is going to spur a wealth of new opportunities.

As usual, we'll be right here uncovering those stories as they develop. Here's to staying bold and well ahead of the game. 

Until next time,

  JS Sig

Jason Stutman

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Jason Stutman is Wealth Daily's senior technology analyst and editor of investment advisory newsletters Technology and Opportunity and Topline Trader. His strategy for building winning portfolios is simple: Buy the disruptor, sell the disrupted.

Covering the broad sector of technology and occasionally dabbling in the political sphere, Jason has written hundreds of articles spanning topics from consumer electronics and development stage biotechnology to political forecasting and social commentary.

Outside the office Jason is a lover of science fiction and the outdoors. He writes through the lens of a futurist, free market advocate, and fiscal conservative. Jason currently hails from Baltimore, Maryland, with roots in the great state of New York.

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