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Dismantling the TSA

This Small Company is About to Signal the End of Domestic Terrorism

Written by Jason Williams
Posted January 4, 2018 at 7:00PM

Do you ever wish you could have bought into a stock before it went on a meteoric run?

I know. That’s a dumb question. Of course you do. Everyone does, whether they’ll admit it or not.

Imagine owning Pfizer before it went up over 20,000%. Or Incyte before it went from a penny stock to a multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical giant.

You could have turned a few thousand dollars into a veritable fortune. You could be reading this email from your own yacht or even your private island.

But alas, those gains are already made. Our chance to become billionaires is gone...

Or is it?

You see, working here at Angel Publishing, I have access to some of the best investment strategists and stock pickers in the world.

And since you’re a subscriber to Wealth Daily, you do, too.

And one of them has an opportunity brewing that could be one of the biggest investing breaks of our lifetimes.

The Best Offense

When I played sports in my younger years, it was common to hear my coaches tell us that the best offense is a good defense.

I mean, you can score a hundred points in a game. But if you can’t keep your opponent from scoring 101, you still lose.

And that’s true in life, too. You can have all the guns and ammo in the world, but if you don’t spot the enemy coming, you’ll never get to use them.

And sometimes, when you’ve got a really good defense, you don’t even need your offense. If you can get to your enemy before he gets the chance to use his weapons, you can stop him without using any deadly force at all.

And the company my colleague Alex Koyfman spotted has technology that offers exactly that type of defense.

Thousands of Deaths Averted

As I write, we’re less than a week into 2018. But we’ve already had a mass shooting this year.

In the early morning hours of New Year’s Day, a shooter outside a NYE party in Huntsville, Alabama, killed one person and wounded another three.

I know four victims doesn’t seem like that much. We’ve become numb to those kinds of statistics as we see casualties grow to the triple digits.

But to the families and friends of those four people, that’s four too many.

And it could have been stopped before it even happened. And I don’t mean by having armed guards at the event — I mean by using a new technology that can detect weapons before the assailants have a chance to use them.

One Bad Week and an Even Worse Year

In the first week of 2017, 12 people were killed and 31 were injured in eight mass shootings across the country. And nearly all of them could have been saved had this technology been approved for commercial use.

But those 43 victims proved to be just the tip of the iceberg for 2017. Another 10 were injured or killed that September. 65 more became victims of mass shootings in November. And that October, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history claimed the lives of 59 innocents and injured another 441 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Every single one of those injuries and fatalities could have been avoided. In a sad bit of irony, the technology that could have saved them was approved for commercial use just days after the shooting in Vegas that claimed and forever changed so many lives.

In fact, all of the 10 most catastrophic shootings in the past three years could have easily been prevented with this technology.

That’s 191 deaths averted and 578 injuries avoided, plus countless more from the other mass shootings that have happened over the years.

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Huge Potential in a Tiny Package

That’s because one company created an easy-to-use technology that fits into a small, easy-to-conceal package.

Using a nondescript black box with a footprint of about one square foot, we can now identify hidden weapons long before they have a chance to be used.

The market for this type of technology is truly astronomical. Every casino in Las Vegas, every airport, bus station, subway stop, office building, apartment building, etc. in the country — if not the entire free world — will want to outfit their security with these.

And at a going rate of between $15,000 and $25,000 each, the revenues from all those sales could add up to billions in the blink of an eye. Especially since most of the managers of those buildings I mentioned would want more than just one. The casinos, for example, could use as many as 50 each.

With over 120 casinos in Las Vegas alone, that’s a $120 million market. And that’s just one city. There are around 1,400 casinos in the U.S. And there are tons more public places in need of this kind of protection.

Factor in the entire world and all the different public places to be protected, and we’re talking about hundreds of billions, even trillions, in sales.

That kind of business could literally shoot this small, $1.20 stock to a $152 blue chip defense investment in just a matter of years.

A Blast from the Past

Back in 2002, there was a new player in the personal defense industry. It had gone public a little more than a year before. And its stock was selling for less than $0.30 a share. But it came out with a non-lethal weapon that took the industry by storm. And within two years, it was a $34 stock.

Early investors reaped massive profits as high as 11,706%.

Seven years later, it went on another rally, and investors had a second chance to watch their portfolios grow. This time, the stock shot up over 900% in a little less than four years. Not as impressive as its first run, but still nothing to sneeze at.

The company I’m alluding to is Taser (now Axon Enterprise). And the technology it debuted isn’t even close to what I’m talking about today.

That’s why this stock could hit Taser’s highs within the next 12 months, and why it could shoot five times higher within the next three years.

In fact, when Taser’s stock was selling for what this one currently does, it took a year and a half to get to $34. This company has the potential to get there six months sooner and keep going for years to come.

We’re talking about potential gains over 12,500%! That’s enough to turn $1,000 into more than $125,000 in just three years!

This is a massive opportunity. It’s the kind others will be talking about for years and lamenting not seeing from the start. But thanks to Alex’s research, you don’t have to be one of them.

He’s put together a presentation with everything you need to know about this technology and the company behind it. I highly recommend you take some time to watch. If you’d prefer to read more about it at your leisure, he’s made the transcript of his video available, too.

However you choose to get the information, I implore you to make sure you pay attention.

This is an investment you don’t want to miss.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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After graduating Cum Laude in finance and economics, Jason analyzed complex projects and budgets for the U.S. Army. Then, at Morgan Stanley, he led the assistants' team for the North American repo sales desk, responsible for hundreds of multibillion-dollar trades every day. Jason is the assistant editor for The Wealth Advisory income stock newsletter. He also contributes regularly to Wealth Daily. To learn more about Jason, click here.


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