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Central Bankers are Our Enemies

Dead Bankers?

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted March 4, 2014

Is the recent spate of banker suicides (murders?) telling us something?

The mainstream media is not covering this story, but it certainly caught my attention when I noticed a common thread amongst these individuals: big banks and derivative ties.

Check out this link to get the details.

I have been watching this story with growing intensity over the past month as the number of successful bankers on the list grows. The development first got my attention when I realized three of these bankers were from J.P. Morgan, which is known to have the largest toxic derivative position.

But it has become an even bigger mystery because suicides of this nature usually occur after a terrible financial collapse, not before one happens.

What all this means is up for discussion, but I think it is something we should watch closely — especially if it continues. I firmly believe the entire financial system is in such a tenuous and precarious position that it wouldn't even be surprising if sudden negative developments unfolded in the United States or worldwide.

Derivative problems, currency debasement, wars, and desperate, out-of-control governments all pose serious threats to our finances.

The circus of events within the Federal Reserve continues to prove my point that central bankers are the common enemy of citizens and societies worldwide. The current zero interest rate policies of Fedzilla allow the bad boy bankster schmucks to borrow at three points from the Fed and lend at 25 basis points.

This is a complete scam, and it is perpetrating the biggest subsidy to Wall Street in the history of the Federal Reserve.

I had to laugh recently when someone told me Obama is going after the 1%. Maybe his lips are flapping that rubbish to appeal to the dumbed-down masses, but in reality, what he is doing is giving the banks the greatest opportunity they have ever had to enrich themselves.

Don Coxe of BMO in Canada recently said the following in regards to this politician-allowed banker theft:

"When bankers can make eight times their money borrowing from and lending back to the Fed with no risk, the bad bonus bailout bankers of Wall Street, who created the crash, are saying, we get our bonuses while buying back stock, and the Fed is paying us to do it."

What a travesty of justice, common decency, and basic moral values. Can it get any more disgusting than that?

Will the masses ever wake up to what is going on?

History and current events around the world prove that the people will tolerate all kinds of government shenanigans — corruption, theft, tyranny, oppression, out-of-control policies — but the second their ability to eat becomes a problem, all hell breaks loose. In other words, it is primarily a lack of affordable, quality food that brings the masses to rebel against their government.

This kind of rebellion is happening in more and more places around the globe.


I do believe people are coming to the realization that governments and their banker-supported politicians cannot be trusted. The latest polls clearly show rapid deterioration of trust in government and the mainstream media. This growing angst is in the hearts and minds of more and more people I talk to in my travels.

Those that see and understand this know there is trouble ahead, so it's best to prepare accordingly.

I continue to believe precious metals will play a critical role in financial success in the abundant but tumultuous times in which we now find ourselves: abundant because never before in world history have so many enjoyed so much for so long; yet tumultuous because so much could be taken away so fast given the tenuous nature of the financial, economic, and political worlds in which we live.

I hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and try to enjoy something special in each and every day I get while the good times last.

Until next time,

Greg McCoach for Wealth Daily

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