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Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted January 24, 2018 at 7:00PM

There's one dream every investor has: having equity in something new and world changing, long before it becomes a global phenomenon. 

It's the equivalent of holding a winning lottery ticket, only in the right hands, this sort of opportunity can be worth billions. 

You may have already heard about the computer engineer who, back in 2010, bought two pizzas using what was then a very new and obscure form of payment: Bitcoin. 

The bitcoins he spent on his dinner that day would be worth in excess of $100 million today. 

And you may have heard about the PhD advisor from Stanford who, 20 years ago, decided to help a couple of his students develop a revolutionary new internet search engine. 

When their company eventually went public in 2004 as Google Inc., this computer science professor found himself sitting on close to $1 billion in shares.

And of course, you might know the story of the graphic artist whose work adorned the first offices of a fledgling social network back in the early 2000s. 

He was a natural risk taker and decided to accept shares of the private venture in place of cash. 

When Facebook had its IPO in 2012, that artist's equity in the company was worth well over $200 million. 

All unlikely stories with fairy-tale endings... But as far-fetched as these outcomes may seem to you now, they're actually not that uncommon.

Amateurs Don't Get Rich 

Early-stage investors cash out huge capital gains on a regular basis engaging in what I consider to be the most important kind of investing there is: venture capitalism. 

The problem is that in most cases, you can't touch an early-stage company unless you're an accredited investor.

In plain language, that means if you're not already rich, you're not going to get access to the most lucrative investment opportunities around. 

It's a harsh truth, and one you can thank our federal government for, as it was its idea to pass the Securities Exchange Act back in the 1930s to “protect” middle-class citizens from overly speculative investing. 

This law, championed by FDR during the New Deal era, did more to widen the wealth gap than it did to protect the average citizen. 

Luckily, today, there is a way around this. 

There are venture-caliber stocks you can invest in today no matter who you are. 

All you need is an electronic brokerage account, and you're ready to go. 

There are hundreds of early-stage companies trading on public exchanges right now, in fact. 

The big hurdle then becomes making the right choice. 

It's not enough to just pick a company with money in the bank, a decent idea, and a smart technical team. 

The Formula to Venture Capital Success Is Simpler Than You Think

To succeed, you need to find a company that makes a single product that solves a single problem that no product has been able to solve in the past. 

The problem needs to be widespread and universal. Ideally, the problem should appear unsolvable, to the point where even the most inefficient, absurd measures are taken to find ways around it. 

In my entire career, of the thousands of companies I've watched come and go, only a select few — less than half a dozen — came anywhere near hitting all those check marks. 

There is one, however, that stands apart from them all.

It makes one product. Just one.

The product solves a problem that a multibillion-dollar industry has not been able to adequately address despite steadily increased spending.

In Five Years, This Investment Will Have Minted Dozens of New Millionaires

The problem is universal and grows every year. It knows no national or cultural boundaries. 

The product is not just a concept. It's no clunky prototype going through its first paces in testing.

It's real, and after years of perfecting and honing, it's nearly infallible in function.

Last but certainly not least, as of last October, it's cleared for commercial use in North America. 

The company bringing this extraordinary new device to market won't just beat the current standard. 

It will replace the current standard completely and, because of the importance of this sector (it's literally life or death), will likely do so with the backing of federal regulations. 

I can't tell you any more about this company here. This opportunity is simply too explosive to release to a mass audience. 

But if you think you've got what it takes to invest in a technological innovation that will change the world in just a few short years, take the first step and click here.

Fortune favors the bold,

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