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An Idea I Wish I Could Tell You About

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted January 11, 2017 at 7:00PM

It's the kind of thing professional investors lose their marbles over...

A new technology; a massive market; a big name already attached to it... It was the kind of story that took maybe a minute to lay out, and then my mind went to work visualizing the opportunities. 

It happened about two weeks ago, at the peak of the holiday season. 

I was in Miami visiting family when somebody very close to me approached me and asked me if I was looking for any private equity investments at the moment. 

"I'm always looking," I responded. 

"There's a new cellulite treatment out there. It's being tested in Germany right now. Amazing results. Single treatment efficacy with almost zero relapse. Completely painless, non-invasive."

Every CEO is a Salesman

Great, I thought. These kinds of gimmicks came around twice a week, it seemed... a new, painless, permanent treatment with no side effects. Too good to be true right out of the gate. 

"It uses the same exact shockwave technology that our old friend patented years ago," he continued. "It's already FDA approved for some other applications, and with this being non-invasive, I bet it won't be more than a few months before they can get the clearance here for open testing."

Our friend was a man who, decades earlier, had helped invent the pulse-detonation rocket engine — a technology that allowed for the precise positioning of satellites and spacecraft in orbit.

We had discussed starting a business in the past using another one of his pet projects — a handheld shockwave generator — to liquefy tumors inside the human body. 

"I really think this is the perfect application... Just imagine what would happen if all those ladies down there," he gestured down with his hand, towards North Miami Beach about 20 stories below us, "knew they could get rid of all that cellulite, at once and for good, by getting what amounts to a 45-minute massage."

"This thing really works?"

"It took them a while to isolate the proper frequencies, but yes, it does. Fat cells are ruptured without disturbing any other tissue. Their contents are reabsorbed by the body and expelled."

"And never come back?"

"The adult human body doesn't produce new fat cells very easily. The vast majority of new fat gain actually comes from existing cells swelling, so destroying fat cells is the best way to eliminate excess fat for the long term. Pulverizing them with a very specifically tuned shockwave looks like the way to go."

"The market's definitely huge. How are you planning to roll it out in the U.S.?"

"That's the real hook here," he said. "We've got somebody you know that's ready to start testing in his own clinic, right here in Miami."

There was only one person he could be talking about. 

A Killer Product Isn't Enough

It was a famous Southern Florida plastic surgeon — a guy who'd even had his own show on TV some years earlier. 

It's a name I can't mention here for legal reasons, but to say that it carried a lot of weight was an understatement. 

Like I said, it was the kind of deal that would have investors foaming at the mouth. 

Product, market, and marketing, all rolled into a single, gift-wrapped package. 

Unfortunately, that's about all I can say about this story. 

As a private deal, the details are confidential... invitation-only... custom-made for a select group of people where net worth, as well as connections, makes the difference between participation and never even hearing about it until it shows up on the news. 

Deals like this make more money for investors than any other method out there.

Unfortunately, there are serious obstacles to entry, with net worth or annual income being the main (and in some eyes, the most unfair) one. 

Getting past these obstacles isn't impossible, however.

Anybody with a focused approach and a modest amount of seed capital can raise the kind of funds it takes to qualify for the next level of investing. 

All it takes is time, discipline, and commitment.

To get started, click here.

Fortune favors the bold,

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