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A Simple Spray. A Revolution for Farming

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted June 6, 2019

Dear Reader,

These days, it seems you can't go very far without getting bombarded with optimistic statements and claims about cannabis.

It's a miracle plant, with the potential to cure everything from Alzheimer's to insomnia.

It's the greatest investment of all time, with years of double-digit growth ahead of it.

It's a social movement that's undoing decades of prejudicial prosecution and bringing together members of three generations.

While all of this may be true to a certain extent, at the end of the day, cannabis is still nothing more than a plant with both beneficial and harmful properties that will take years of research to fully understand.

One of the unfortunate sides to this supposed scientific, industrial, and cultural revolution is that it also tends to overshadow some potentially truly world-changing innovations that are taking place at the same time.

Don't Fall for the Fads

Maybe the most important such innovation, which I learned about just a few weeks ago, is so groundbreaking that it might forever change the way humanity produces some of its most important agricultural staples.

Ironically, these changes might begin with cannabis itself.

The technology I'm talking about is a foliar spray — a liquid that's applied directly to the leaves of a plant as opposed to the soil from which it grows.

The concept is pretty simple, really. Every plant in existence needs CO2 to grow and thrive, but since that CO2 comes primarily from the air, there are limitations to how much of it a plant can absorb in any given environment.

One Canadian company recently perfected a method for delivering CO2 that's dissolved in a liquid and then applied directly to the plant's leaves to optimize absorption.

The results have been nothing short of astounding.


The spray has proven to increase plant mass and leaf size, while decreasing the vegetation time in a number of plants, including cannabis itself.

It Makes Things Grow Faster, Bigger, and Stronger

It also increases bud size and THC content (potency), while miraculously decreasing the incidence rate of certain plant-borne diseases and parasites.

And it does all of this with zero environmental impact.

So basic. So simple. Yet so transformative. And it goes far beyond cannabis itself.

This spray has proven effective on a number of staple crops, including lettuce, peppers, and a variety of microgreens.

And testing is still far from over, with more benefits discovered through new case studies on a regular basis.

What we're looking at here today isn't just a step forward but a true technological leap in one of humanity's most important endeavors: food production.

At a time of swelling population and shrinking available farmland, something so simple and so versatile is precisely what is needed to allow us to take the next step.

Don't Let Yourself Be Dazzled by Headlines

So... why is it being overshadowed? Why is this technological miracle being kept from you, while the legal status of a single plant is grabbing all the headlines?

My answer is probably no better than yours. Cannabis is a news-making word, plain and simple.

The idea that one day soon you might be able to walk around in public, no matter where you are, and smoke a joint without fear of legal repercussion remains more salient in the minds of many.

But as interesting and overdue as all of this may be, it's simply nowhere near as important as large-scale food production.

If we are to keep growing as a species, the limitations of traditional farming methods need to be overcome in short order.

To fail at this is to bring on famine, political instability, and widespread war as shortages evolve into mass panic.

And this simple process has the potential to meet many of these challenges.

The Future of Farming

Long after the cannabis debate is over, this process will continue to benefit humanity on an essential level.

As I mentioned before, this revolutionary process is the product of a Canadian company.

It's a small firm that trades primarily on the Canadian TSX Venture exchange under the symbol [click here to access this information].

Because it's still early in the company's life cycle, it remains a thinly traded stock with relatively few shareholders, but in the coming months, all of that should change.

Technologies like this don't stay secrets for long, nor do the companies that create them.

When I first learned about this a few weeks back, I immediately sat down to write a research report to detail the company, the process, and the people behind it.

That report is now available for you to check out and make up your own mind.

Just don't wait too long because this is bigger than cannabis or any other investment trend you'll hear about this year or any other year.

Click here for immediate access.

Fortune favors the bold,

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