The Western War on Wheat

Written By Jason Williams

Updated January 10, 2024

In case you haven’t noticed, the Western world is waging a war on wheat. But I’m not talking about the war of attrition it's financing in Ukraine.

That’s definitely cut into the world’s wheat supplies (Ukraine is the fourth-biggest wheat exporter in the world, and we’re actively watching as it’s burned to the ground). And Russia, the world's No. 1 wheat supplier, is the one actively burning Ukraine.

But I’m talking about in places like the Netherlands, Canada, and even here in the United States.

There’s a war on farming going on, and it’s not going to end well for any of us.

Because despite creating about 10% of the world’s greenhouse gases, farmers also produce 100% of the world’s food!!

And they’re able to accomplish that Herculean task because they use fertilizers.

The REAL Green Revolution

The real green revolution was the discovery and implementation of fertilizers.

It was what allowed the global population to swell from around 2 billion people in the 1940s to nearly 10 billion people today.


Food grown with fertilizers feeds around 50% of the global population.

And that mean without fertilizers, about 50% of the world would starve to death…

Which is why it makes absolutely zero sense that Western governments want to ban them…

Unless their real goal is to depopulate the planet in an attempt to save us from ourselves.

I know it sounds crazy, but grab your tinfoil hat because it’s actually starting to look like that’s really what they want.

tinfoil hat

The War on Farms

It started in the Netherlands. The government promised to reduce carbon emissions by more than it was able to.

So it went after the farmers and blamed them for the pollution. The Dutch government conveniently forgot the fact that farmers are stewards of the land.

That means farmers take care of the land. And that makes them the opposite of politicians who just take advantage of it.

But the pointy shoes in Amsterdam decided farmers are the problem and told them to stop farming.

Maybe they smoked too much hash at one of the coffee shops. Maybe they’re just stupid. Or maybe they’ve got ulterior motives that have nothing to do with global warming or climate change.

Whatever the reason, the response was nationwide: The farmers protested. Lots of them…

Dutch Farmers Protest

Farmers from neighboring Germany even joined in on the fun.

German Farmers Join Dutch Farmers Protest

I don’t blame you if you missed it.

The limited coverage it got in the U.S. media was similar to that of the Freedom Convoy in Canada.

They were called domestic terrorists by the elite-owned press here and across Western Europe…

Just like the protesters who descended on Ottawa in 2021 were.

They’re Coming for All of Us

That’s because the truth doesn’t matter to the mainstream media and their billionaire owners.

But the truth is that if they’re going to go after farmers, they’re going after all of us at the same time.

There’s an ongoing global food shortage and they want to take away the ONLY thing that lets the world eat every day.

And if you think it’ll stop in the Netherlands or even be contained to Europe, you’re sadly mistaken and have already been proven wrong.

That's because Justin Trudeau, Canada’s illustrious prime minister (and hopeful dictator in waiting), just announced that Canada would reduce its greenhouse gas emissions from farming by 30% by 2030.

However, the only way to do that is to use fewer fertilizers and grow less food.

And Canada’s farmers were hoping to help ease the global food shortage the Ukraine war (and the idiotic response to COVID) has triggered.

But without fertilizer, they won’t be able to even come close to contributing the $82.8 BILLION worth of agriculture products they supplied the world in 2021.

Canada is the fifth-largest exporter of agri-food in the world (and the second-largest exporter of wheat after Russia), and it could help feed a starving populace.

But Trudeau thinks it’s more important to impress his friends in Davos than to make sure the non-elite citizens of the world don’t starve to death.

So farmers be damned in Canada!

Democrats LOVE Trudeau

But what happens, my friends, when those brilliant policies start to make it south of the border?

What happens when the United States, a country that exported a record $177 BILLION worth of food in 2021, tells farmers to stop farming?

I’ll tell you what happens:


And war.

But in case you hadn’t noticed, the Democrats currently running this country into the ground absolutely LOVE Justin Trudeau.

That’s why they supported him when he declared the peaceful protesters in the Freedom Convoy were domestic terrorists.

That’s why they supported him as he invoked martial law so he could seize private citizens' assets.

That’s why they idolized him when he completely cut off the unvaccinated in Canada from society.

And that’s why they’ll rush to follow him in regulating our agriculture industry out of existence.

And before you remind me about the 10% of greenhouse gas emissions farmers are responsible for, remember the 100% of your food they’re responsible for as well.

There’s ALWAYS an Investment

Obviously farming is a topic close to my heart. My family were farmers and I eat food.

And in case you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty heated up about the war on farming that’s accelerating every day.

But before I get all hot and bothered and forget to tell you, there’s always an investment to take advantage of anything — even when that anything is stupid politicians making brainless decisions.

And this situation is no different.

Farmers can try to fight “Big Government,” but just ask the Branch Davidians and the Freedom Convoy truckers how that works out.

So farmers will be forced to adapt and evolve. They might not be able to feed quite as many people.

But they’ll make sure they can still make enough money to feed themselves and their families.

And there’s a small company that’s been working on “upgrading” our global food and farming industry that I’m convinced is going to absolutely soar in the environment these feckless politicians are creating.

But I’ve already taken up too much space explaining the attack on agriculture currently underway.

So instead of taking up more space here, I’m attaching a full report on the company.

It includes all the details you need to know…

How it’s revolutionizing the food industry…

How it could single-handedly solve the global food shortage…

And, most importantly, how you can get invested while it’s still flying under the radar.

Check it out today and get yourself invested before Biden bans farming too and sends this stock to the moon.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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