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Bankruptcy Rumor Crashes Beazer

Brian Hicks
Updated August 2, 2007

True or not, rumors definitely have power, and the ongoing mortgage morass has produced them by the barrel-full lately. Unfortunately, in this case Churchill would be wildly off of the mark. Within...

Peak Oil is Here

Brian Hicks
Updated August 6, 2007

The world's most respected journal of economics has now officially acknowledged the advent of peak oil, validating (finally!) what we've been saying for years.

It's the Fundamentals, Stupid

Brian Hicks
Updated August 6, 2007

Amid the recent stock market weakness, the pundits are virtually unanimous in their claims that good underlying economic fundamentals are being trumped by irrational fear.

The Lurking Water Monster

Nick Hodge
Updated August 9, 2007

A sneak peak at the coming massive investment in water infrastructure, companies already making huge gains, and the unveiling of the Green Chip Water Index.

Surgical Robot Primed to Deliver 284% Returns in Two Years

Brian Hicks
Updated August 13, 2007

Of all of the problems to have in this world, a falling stock market is really nothing compared to the troubles of being diagnosed with cancer.

Like Lemmings Off a Cliff

Brian Hicks
Updated August 16, 2007

With so many lenders tumbling into the abyss these days, it's hard not to be reminded of that footage of a whole herd of lemmings jumping off a cliff. (Myth or no myth) I mean how else you can...

Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Nick Hodge
Updated August 20, 2007

A look at the progression of the solar industry. From bulky panels to flexible strips, the solar industry has come a long way. Get ready for the next solar innovation.

Technology Stocks

Brian Hicks
Updated August 23, 2007

Commodities, banking, real estate, mortgages, builders - you name it - all down for the count and headed nowhere but lower, no matter what the Fed does.

The 1,842% Beginning of a Bull Market

Keith Kohl
Updated June 29, 2007

Imagine risking everything you own by investing it in just one commodity. And when I said everything, I meant it. We’re not just talking about the cash in the bank, but selling all of your assets...

The Contagion is Spreading

Brian Hicks
Updated July 5, 2007

After bubbling beneath the surface since last February, the absolute rot that is sub-prime lending reared its ugly head again last week. But this time it wasn’t just the stories of failing lenders...

The Really BIG Next Big Thing

Brian Hicks
Updated July 10, 2007

It's alternative energy. Meaning non-hydrocarbon energy. And for this discussion, we will temporarily ignore uranium, for its use has grown sufficiently that it really can't at this point be...

Bioplastics: Taking Huge Profits, One Polymer at a Time

Nick Hodge
Updated July 12, 2007

Today, Nick takes a look at the history of plastics in order to gain insight about the future of the bioplastic industry.