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Mao Money, Mao Money

Brian Hicks
Updated October 17, 2005

The first time I stepped into my hotel room in China, I didn't know why it was dark. Every room I had ever entered in an American hotel-at least ones that could legitimately be called "hotels"-had...

All My Dollars

Brian Hicks
Updated November 3, 2005

Last week, I wrote about AMD and how I think they are positioning themselves for a real run at Intel. As I run the Asian Investment Desk here at Wealth Daily, my analysis stemmed mainly from the...

Taiwan Tied-Down?

Brian Hicks
Updated November 14, 2005

As China weaves an international web of trade alliances, the hardest strand to sort out is also its most public foreign policy matter. Taiwan has maintained since 1949 that it is a separate entity...

Neodymium in the Rough

Brian Hicks
Updated January 24, 2006

They're the stepchildren of the periodic table. Relegated to the bottom of the chart on the wall in your high school chemistry class, your teacher probably never even mentioned them. "Just worry...

Another Fulcrum

Brian Hicks
Updated February 15, 2006

I remember riding in the front seat of a car in China and noting the nameplates of the cars in front of me, wondering, "Will names like Dongfeng ever roll off the tongues of American consumers?"

Energy - It Depends!

Brian Hicks
Updated May 30, 2006

We've talked a great deal in Wealth Daily about energy independence and what it means for the 21st century energy economy. The idea is that each country should be able to stand on its own two feet...

Soft Landing Gear

Brian Hicks
Updated October 4, 2006

A robust trade in Russian-made counterfeit aircraft parts is worrying many in the aviation industry. Emerging markets can help secure a soft landing for the global economy as the US descends from...

Europe's Open Wound

Brian Hicks
Updated October 17, 2006

These days many investors look at world markets through one of two lenses: a telescope or a microscope. In the search for international opportunities, it is imperative not to gloss over the...

US Lands-World Soars

Brian Hicks
Updated December 5, 2006

Two reports issued in the recent weeks highlight the role that international markets play in moderating declining American economic growth.

Direct from Chile: Buzz-Saw Economics, Part 1

Brian Hicks
Updated March 21, 2007

SANTIAGO, CHILE: Twice in my life have I ever heard--let alone tolerated--the sound of power tools outside my bedroom at midnight. Once was in 2005, in Northern Tibet, China. The other time was this...

Oil Causes and Heals All Wounds

Brian Hicks
Updated April 5, 2007

A new path for petroleum is now in the works, as leaders of five southern European nations inked a deal Tuesday to build the so-called Pan-European Oil Pipeline. Not only the planned route is new:...

Markets of the Rising Sun

Brian Hicks
Updated August 21, 2007

It's a world where Wednesday night's news from Asia told me to expect a Thursday slide on Wall Street, but it took until Monday for Asia to absorb Thursday night's Fed cut. This is not the Twilight...