Amazon Stock Price Prediction for 2023

Written By Mike Munno

Updated November 8, 2023

If you’re looking for an Amazon stock price prediction, you’ll notice analysts have mixed reviews. Of over 53 analysts polled, many disagree about the final price target for Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN). One thing most analysts agree on in terms of Amazon’s stock price prediction is one thing: AMZN is a buy. 

While there are many out there, this is the only Amazon stock price prediction that you will need. In the long term, Amazon stock appears to be a great addition to any portfolio. If you plan on trading AMZN for the short term, then you’ll want to read these Amazon stock price predictions. 

Amazon Stock Price Prediction

Amazon Stock Price Prediction by Wealth Daily

  • High AMZN Stock Price Prediction: $180
  • Low AMZN Stock Price Prediction: $100
  • Average AMZN Stock Price Prediction: $140

Amazon Stock Price Prediction: High 

Some experts predict that Amazon stock will reach as high as $270. Another prediction model depicts Amazon only having a high potential of $160. The last group believes that amazon could reach as high as $192. 

Amazon started the year off at a low point, trading for $83.12. The blow to Amazon’s stock price came following the announcement of 18,000 job layoffs. AMZN stock began to recover until the Q4 2022 earnings report was released on February 2, 2023.  

While AMZN beat on revenue, they missed earnings per share (EPS) estimates and projected slower sales for Q1 2023. In March 2023, CEO Andy Jassy and Amazon announced 9,000 more layoffs. While they claim the layoffs will create a ‘leaner’ Amazon, investors have their doubts. 

Unless Amazon is able to grow sales amid economic uncertainty, it will have a difficult time competing. This could be a big hurdle for the tech giant as they battle slowing sales and uncertainty. 

It is hard to believe that Amazon will reach above $200 per share in the next 12 months. Amazon's stock growth will slow down in 2023 despite e-commerce dominance. With overall economic uncertainty, weak earnings, and no monumental plans on the horizon, Amazon could have a slow year. Wealth Daily’s high amazon stock price prediction: $180

Amazon Stock Price Prediction: Low 

Of the analysts polled, there was a consensus between two financial outlets of a low amazon price prediction of $106. The other group predicts Amazon’s stock price could sink as low as $90. While it wouldn’t be lower than it started the year, it isn’t the return investors look for in a stock like AMZN. 

Andy Jassy replaced Jeff Bezos as CEO of Amazon on July 5, 2021. While he is a 27-year-long employee of Amazon, some still question his ability to lead. Jassy has yet to prove that he has the vision required to take Amazon to the next level. 

It is a tough position to take over the world’s largest e-commerce company after a historic pandemic and Jassy is doing his best. While that’s admirable, it doesn’t necessarily translate to profits for investors. In addition to the economic uncertainty facing Amazon, competition has heated up as well. 

As Amazon attempts to expand into new markets, it faces stiff competition from established players. While competing with established players, Amazon has to compete with new up-and-comers as well. Open AI has sparked the artificial intelligence debate, illuminating another sector that Amazon has fallen behind. 

Once a front-runner with their AI assistant Alexa, Amazon is now falling behind in regards to AI. To beat the low Amazon price prediction, the tech giant must come up with a way to compete.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, we believe Amazon could have another difficult year. Wealth Daily’s low amazon price prediction: $100. 

Amazon Stock Price Prediction: Average

The general consensus on the average amazon stock price prediction is between $134.50 and $142.12. While overall market sentiment is fearful, Amazon could see more growth in 2023 than in 2022. 

Now in his second year, Andy Jassy should have a more stable grasp of the company. While he promises a ‘leaner’ Amazon moving forward, only time will tell. If Jassy demonstrates the ability to grow revenue at the conclusion of Q1 2023, it could paint an optimistic picture. 

The consumer price index for all urban consumers (CPI – U) rose 0.4% in the March 2023 CPI report and 6% over the last 12 months. While it is not substantial growth, it indicates that consumers could be buying more products than the previous goods. If consumers purchase more goods, Amazon would benefit as the largest e-commerce company.

While the future of the company is unclear, they have much more room to grow than fall in the coming years. But for this year, we realistically expect Amazon to remain around $140 per share. Wealth Daily’s average Amazon stock price prediction: $140 

Amazon Stock Prediction: The Final Say

Amazon trading under $125 is very tempting. While it may experience stagnant growth in the next 12 to 16 months, it will certainly weather the storm. Investors who buy the dips and lower their average share cost will be rewarded in the coming years. 

The economic uncertainty, rising inflation, and looming recession paint a bleak picture. However, it’s good to know that buying blue chip stocks like AMZN is a good way to prepare for when the storm clears. 

It should be noted that even though Amazon is considered a blue-chip stock, it is not a guarantee. Even blue-chip stocks can fall victim to recessions and market volatility. That being said, you can feel comfortable buying dips knowing that Amazon will probably not go bankrupt.

The Amazon stock price prediction is optimistic for the coming months. While the low predictions do not imply much growth, they also don’t predict a big loss either. On the other hand, the high predictions for Amazon’s stock price aren’t amazing. Some investors may expect monumental growth from the tech giant each year, but that’s not the reality. Especially in the current market climate.

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