3 Unknown AI Stocks to Watch (and Buy)

Written By Jason Williams

Posted May 10, 2024

Investors have already made a boatload of profits from early and well-timed investments in artificial intelligence. This technology sparked a gold rush that’s nowhere near its peak and far from over. But the big names in AI — Nvidia, Microsoft, SuperMicro Computer — are all up so far it’s hard to believe they can still deliver market-beating gains. However, there’s a basket of AI stocks that have gone undiscovered by investors so far. That’s all about to change, though, thanks to the revolutionary advances these companies are pioneering. So today I want to share another list of top stocks with you. And this time it’s the top unknown AI stocks to watch (and buy) for the next wave of AI profits…

AI stocks to watch

Unknown AI Stocks to Watch #1: The AI Tollbooth

First up on my list of AI stocks to watch (and buy) is a company with a very interesting business plan. You see, it doesn’t design AI software. And it doesn’t make or design the chips that software needs to run. But that’s why it’s one of the few unknown AI stocks to watch. Everyone is thinking about software and semiconductors. But there’s something else all AI companies rely on to make their flashy technology work. And that’s data. Artificial intelligence requires unfathomable amounts of data. And it needs to be able to access that data at light speed or faster in order to function properly. That’s where this company excels and why it’s one of the top AI stocks to watch…

AI stocks to watch tollbooth

I’ve dubbed it the “AI Tollbooth” because that’s how it makes money. In essence, this company controls access to one of the biggest, fastest data “superhighways” in the world. And it charges what amounts to a “toll” to access that highway. And it’s one of the top AI stocks to watch because companies that want to take advantage of AI are forced to pay. They’ve got no choice. But the best part, the thing that makes this one of the very best AI stocks to watch, is that the company is obligated, by law, to share nearly all its AI profits with investors. That’s created an opportunity for everyday folks to build up a steady income stream worth tens of thousands of dollars a year. It’s an investment worth its own special report and feature presentation where you can learn more.

Unknown AI Stocks to Watch #2: The AI Bottleneck

Next up on my list of unknown AI stocks to watch (and buy) is a company solving a problem we’ve come to call the “AI Bottleneck.” As you already know from the “AI Tollbooth,” artificial intelligence requires vast amounts of data in order to function properly. And that data has to be able to move incredibly quickly from point A to point B. But even data gets backed up sometimes. And when you’re processing the massive amount of data required for AI software, those bottlenecks can become tight. And they can slow operations down to a crawl. That’s not a good look for a company bragging about its fancy new AI software. And that’s where this company shines and why it’s one of the top AI stocks to watch…

AI stocks to watch bottleneck

You see, this company developed solutions that essentially allow AI applications to run more efficiently. Its solutions help speed up the flow of data through these bottlenecks. And since less time is wasted, less energy is used. So this company provides its customers a double shot of business optimization. It makes them faster and it makes them less expensive to run. And that means they can be more profitable. So it’s a no-brainer for anyone running AI applications to get on board. And that huge potential customer base makes this stock one of the absolute top AI stocks to watch. You can learn more about it — BEFORE everyone else discovers its potential — in this free presentation.

Unknown AI Stocks to Watch #3: The AI Explosion

Now, usually, my lists are either alphabetical or in no particular order. But today I’ve saved the best of the unknown AI stocks to watch for last. Because I really want to drive home the point of how impressive this company’s technology really is. Unlike the first two artificial intelligence stocks to watch, this company isn’t a “pick-and-shovel” play. It’s not providing support services. It’s actually right in the thick of things, pioneering some of the most cutting-edge AI software in the world. But instead of focusing on chatbots, it’s developing solutions to real-world problems. And that’s what makes it one of the top AI stocks to watch…

AI stocks to watch explosion

Over the past decades, the world has seen a huge improvement in literacy rates. Currently around 80% of the global population is able to read and write. But that still leaves over 770 million adults around the world out in the cold when it comes to the written word. And while that might not seem like such a huge problem, it is. It cuts them off from everything that requires the ability to read and write, like opening a bank account, filing for government assistance programs, even investing in stocks and building wealth. But this company’s technology addresses that real-world problem. The company developed software that can listen to and understand spoken language. It can act as a personal reading and writing assistant for people who can’t read and write. It can read forms, listen to responses, and write down those responses. And it will open up the world to the 20% of the population that’s still on the outside. That’s why this company’s No. 1 on my list of AI stocks to watch. And it’s why I made a special presentation to tell you even more about it.

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