2011 Gold Bull Market

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted September 5, 2011

“You’re selling? You of all people should know gold is going higher from here.”

That’s what my local coin dealer told me two weeks ago.

Gold just hit $1900 an ounce. Gold bulls were ecstatic. And your editor was selling gold.

Sounds crazy, right?

We know history shows gold is headed much higher. You pay a high transaction cost when buying and selling physical gold. And there will eventually be a time when demand for physical gold is so high, you won’t be able to buy it.

It’s all coming. Fortunes will be made in gold.

And yet I was selling mine…

I wasn’t doing it because of a short-term correction.

I was doing it because another type of gold has far less risk and much greater reward than gold, major gold mining stocks, the thousands of destined-to-fail junior gold exploration stocks, and any other gold or precious metal-related asset you can think of…

This rare type of gold is something you’ve probably never heard of before.

But the time to buy it could not be better.

Better than Gold

Let’s take a step back from the gold bull market and look at the numbers.

Gold is up about seven times from its lows a decade ago. At $1800 an ounce, the upside is relatively limited.

I mean, what if gold hits $3000 or $5000 an ounce? You’ve got a double or triple from current levels.

What if gold reaches an extreme of $10,000 an ounce? You’ve got a nice five-bagger on your hands.

Don’t get me wrong; that’s good. It’s even better considering the shattered state the economy and the stock market would be in if we were living in a $10,000 gold world…

But it’s not the best.

Better than Gold Stocks

Most gold stocks won’t fare much better, either.

Yes, they’re leveraged to gold prices. But the gains in the major gold miners will be relatively limited as well.

Just look at what they’ve done during the current leg of the gold bull market:

Gold Vs. Gold Stocks Dec 10

Gold is up more than $350 an ounce since last December. That’s an increase of more than 30%.

Meanwhile, the major gold miners have gone nowhere!

Yes, gold stocks are cheap relative to gold. They will catch up and likely surpass gold… eventually.

But again, this is a gold bull market. Any investor’s goal should be maximum reward for the least risk. And for that, you’ll have to go to the best type of gold you can buy now…

The Real Profits in a Gold Bull Market

The best type of gold to buy now is a rare type of gold that most don’t even understand.

In fact, the majority of investors would consider it completely worthless. That’s right — worthless gold.

But some of the world’s most successful traders are making fortunes off of it right now…

And that’s why I was selling gold in the middle of a gold market. Because there’s a much better type of gold that offers exponentially better potential than gold, major gold stocks, junior gold miners, ETFs, gold options or futures, or any other type of gold investment you’ve ever heard of.

I have to warn you, there’s quite a bit to this story.

And if history is any indicator, you’re going to be kicking yourself if you don’t take two or three minutes to hear it.

You will get all the details on this unique type of gold in my never-before-seen report tomorrow. Keep an eye on your inbox.

Good investing,

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