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How to Safely Increase Wal-Mart's Dividend

The World's Largest Retailer is Helping YOU Retire

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted September 26, 2012 at 6:15PM

Wal-Mart is about to do it again.

Yesterday, the retail giant came within $0.20 of making an all-time record high.

This past July, WMT made a record high of $75.24...

Yesterday it traded at a high of $75.04.

It’s safe to say that Wal-Mart will eventually reach new levels — and based on the chart alone, Wal-Mart will probably be in record territory within the next two weeks:


If you’re keeping score at home, Wal-Mart is now up a mind-blowing 149,000% since going public back in 1972.

It’s up 25% year to date... and up almost 50% for the year.

When you look at the numbers, I don’t see any reason for Wal-Mart’s capital appreciation to end.

And the numbers are downright staggering...

In the past year, Wal-Mart has added 52 million square feet of retail space. That’s more than 1,000 units opened in the past year.

In total, Wal-Mart operates 10,130 retail units under 69 different names in 27 countries.

The company controls 1,037 billion square feet of retail space worldwide. In fact, Wal-Mart’s retail space is 56% bigger than Manhattan.

Wal-Mart logistics has the largest retail trucking fleet in the United States: 7,110 trucks, 55,761 trailers, and more than 7,000 drivers that go 700 million miles per year...

To put that into perspective, Wal-Mart trucks drive the equivalent of 1,465 round-trips to the moon (average earth/moon distance is 238,900 miles)...

Or 10 round trips to Mars when it is closest to Earth (distance of 33,926,856 miles)...

Or 1.8 one-way trips to Jupiter when it's closest to Earth (distance of 391,000,000 miles).

Wal-Mart's workforce is huge: 2.2 million employees — and growing daily.

In fact, the company employs more people than make up the population of these nations:




August 28, 2011


2011 census




March 1, 2011


2011 census




December 31, 2011


Official estimate




September 13, 2012


Official population clock




August 22, 2011


2011 census

Its customer base is the envy of corporate America: About 100 million customers — nearly one-third of the U.S. population — visit Wal-Mart's stores in the U.S. each week.

Globally, 200 million customers will visit a Wal-Mart and/or Wal-Mart-owned store each week.

You know me — I love putting these statistics into perspective and comparing them to easily understood metrics...

In terms of customer base, if Wal-Mart were a nation, its population would be bigger than:




July 1, 2012


Official estimate




September 13, 2012


Official population clock




July 1, 2012


UN estimate




July 16, 2012


Official estimate




July 1, 2012


Official estimate




August 1, 2012


Monthly official estimate




June 12, 2010


2010 census




May 1, 2010


2010 census

For the past 12 months, Wal-Mart has paid out $11.3 billion in dividends to its shareholders.

The $11.3 billion in dividends is like liquidating the entirety of Campbell Soup Company ($10.96B market cap), Alcoa ($10.27B market cap), Xerox ($10.12B), Western Union (11.28B), or Nordstrom (10.01B) — and giving it back to investors.

The $11.3 billion in dividends would be like giving away 1.3x Canada's silver reserves every year (7,000 metric tons 11 x 35274 ounces per metric ton x $34.6 per ounce of silver = $8,543,362,800 est. value of Canadian reserves).

Wal-Mart’s dividend yield is 2.5% per year.

But I’ve found a unique way to boost Wal-Mart’s dividend by 100%...

So instead of getting a 2.5% dividend check from the retail behemoth, you’ll get over 5% — and you get that check every single month.

Don’t worry, this isn’t about options, futures, ETFs, or even DRIPs. It’s a very simple way to increase your dividend check.

I’ll show you how to do it here.

Forever wealth,

Brian Hicks Signature

Brian Hicks

Brian is a founding member and President of Angel Publishing and investment director for the income and dividend newsletter The Wealth Advisory. He writes about general investment strategies for Wealth Daily and Energy & Capital. Known as the "original bull on America," Brian is also the author of the 2008 book, Profit from the Peak: The End of Oil and the Greatest Investment Event of the Century. In addition to writing about the economy, investments and politics, Brian is also a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox and countless radio shows. For more on Brian, take a look at his editor's page.

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