Why Big Oil Is Going ALL-IN on EVs

Jason Williams

Posted November 16, 2023

Well, I told you the other week that BP's massive $100 million foray into the world of EV charging was just the tip of the iceberg…

And just a week or so later, I’ve been proven right yet again by another massive player in the fossil fuel market.

European Dreams

Just the other day, British gas station operator EG Group announced that it would be purchasing a bevy of Tesla’s Superchargers to install at its locations across the U.K. and the rest of Europe.


But again, this is just the tip of the iceberg…

You see, EG Group operates gas stations, convenience stores, and fast-food restaurants across Europe. But it also operates them across Australia and the United States.

EG Group

And this purchase of EV chargers for its European network is only the beginning.

In the U.S., EG Group is the fourth-largest convenience store chain behind Speedway, Circle K, and Casey’s.

But you probably don’t recognize the name because EG chose to keep the various brand names they acquired.

The company owns stores under the Kroger, Cumberland Farms, Turkey Hill, and Fastrac brands (among many others) you will recognize, though.

And it operates thousands of sites throughout the country where it can easily install more EV chargers.

Buy the Land, Own the Profits

But the thing with EG Group — and most of those other companies that operate filling stations and truck stops across the U.S. and around the world — is that that they don’t own the real estate they operate from.

You see, they own the business and they own the brands, but they’re just operators. They’re not real estate moguls. And they don’t really want to be.

It makes far more sense for companies like that to focus on the operations and let someone else take care of the real estate.

So they rent the land. And they rent the parking lots. And they rent the buildings and any infrastructure on the property too.

And they pay a pretty penny to do so.

In fact, with every improvement the property gets, those rent payments go up…

Even if the tenants are making the improvements themselves, like EG Group is doing (and like BP was doing the other week).

So as EG Group adds more and more chargers to its network of stations, stores, and restaurants, the BIGGEST profits are going to go to a small group of investors who’ve figured out how to own the land instead of the business.

And the thing is, the companies that own this incredibly valuable real estate that’s only getting more and more valuable are almost all set up under a specific structure that’s incredibly beneficial to shareholders.

In essence, they’re required by law to share the vast majority of their profits with shareholders. If they fail to do so, they lose the special tax treatment this structure earns and their profits get crushed.

So they pay shareholders regularly and happily to keep their rental empire rolling along, growing steadily, and spinning off massive profits.

And those payments, even with the minuscule EV charger network out there right now, are already exceeding $300 million per year. And that’s just from one of the companies making them…

If you combine all of the operations I’ve uncovered up into one “program,” you’re talking about billions of dollars flowing directly into the accounts of regular investors just like you…

Year after year… for as long as those investors care to receive them.

Get Your Check as Soon as Next Month

And as the EV market grows and the EV charger network expands to keep pace, those payments are all but guaranteed to grow exponentially.

Imagine having the opportunity to invest in the property where John Rockefeller placed his Standard Oil operations…

You would have been able to take part in all of the profits and wouldn’t have had to deal with the breakup of the company as a monopoly.

You’d still own the land, and instead of renting it to Standard Oil, you’d have been renting it to Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Marathon, or even BP eventually.

That’s the kind of opportunity we’re talking about here today…

Instead of trying to bet on the company that will eventually dominate the charger space, bet on the companies that own the land the chargers are worthless without.

Trust me, you’ll be very thankful that you did a few years down the line.

So get all the information you’ll need here and then get yourself invested before the next payout comes in mid-December.

And keep an eye out for my next article, in which I’ll get a little personal and share some of the intimate details of my journey from Wall Street to Main Street.

I’ll also explain how you can accomplish just as much as I have with a good strategy, a little time, and a lot of determination.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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