What Is DeepSurge?

Jason Williams

Posted June 20, 2024

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In the back offices and conference rooms of my former stomping grounds, Wall Street, excitement is building. And it’s all centered around a new breakthrough in energy technology called DeepSurge. You see, DeepSurge gives us the ability to harness an energy source more powerful than the surface of the sun! And experts believe it could usher in a new era as it unlocks a near limitless supply of energy that’s accessible from any location on the planet…

what is deepsurge

And perhaps the most exciting part of the whole situation is that DeepSurge isn’t about unlocking some novel new fuel like hydrogen or ammonia. And it’s got nothing to do with advancements in solar panels or wind turbines either. It’s actually a new way of maximizing the energy from a source of power that’s as old as time itself. It’s the reason Americans from Virginia to California and lucky folks all over the world can relax in hot springs any time of the year. And the reason Old Faithful keeps on its schedule like clockwork.

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It’s geothermal heat. And before you write this off as something that’s already been tried and shelved, you need to learn about DeepSurge and how it completely changes everything we’ve always thought we knew about geothermal power…

The History of DeepSurge

You see, in the quest to decarbonize the global energy industry, few things hold the potential to provide a near limitless grid-level energy source that can power the economy of an entire nation. Solar and wind energy have gained a foothold, but they lack the reliability and consistency to provide steady power night and day. Hydropower has vast potential and currently supplies the majority of renewable energy the world collectively produces. But it too is limited by geography and steady rainfall, as we’ve learned in Europe and the southwestern U.S. Nuclear energy, up to this point, has been the only feasible option should the world want to try to replace fossil fuels immediately. But, understandably, not many people get excited at the thought of a reactor in their “backyard.” So we’d come to a crossroads where we either needed a completely new energy source or needed to bite the bullet and set aside our reservations about nuclear power.

Until a few researchers realized that, in fact, we already had a near limitless energy source right beneath our feet. Of course, they were thinking about the geothermal heat produced by the molten core of the Earth. Because its potential for energy generation is almost limitless if we can tap it. But, as you probably already know, technology in geothermal energy had only made it so far. And you had to be directly on top of a relatively shallow hot spot to access anything meaningful. Plus, eventually you’d exhaust the heat from the power source, as some geothermal fluid evaporates with every cycle. So until now, only a few companies and households were able to access it thanks to their geographic location. But that’s where DeepSurge changes EVERYTHING…

What Is DeepSurge?

You see, these researchers weren’t content to settle with the status quo and work with what their industry had to offer. They knew there was a gigantic source of energy closer to the molten core of the Earth. If they could only tap it, they could potentially provide endless energy in quantities high enough to keep the whole planet humming. So they looked outside their industry. And they studied companies from another energy industry that relies on liquids deep underground: the oil industry. If fracking companies could use horizontal drilling to tap previously inaccessible oil deposits… why couldn’t they use a modified version of the same technique to unlock previously inaccessible geothermal “reserves”? And that led to the creation of DeepSurge…

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It’s a completely new twist on a timeless energy source that allows companies, communities, and eventually even entire countries to tap into the most powerful, nearly limitless source of energy on our planet from anywhere on the planet. And because it’s using the Earth’s naturally occurring heat instead of hot fluid pockets in the crust, this disruptive geothermal power can run in a closed loop. That means as long as the Earth’s core stays molten (which shouldn’t happen until after the sun implodes, according to BBC), DeepSurge can provide a clean, sustainable, global power source.

The Bottom Line on DeepSurge

So, now that you’ve got a better understanding of DeepSurge and how it enables us to unlock what some are calling “the sun beneath our feet,” I’m sure you can understand why people are getting excited on Wall Street. The word about DeepSurge and the company that pioneered it hasn’t gotten out to the rank-and-file investors yet. But they know that it will. And they know that when it does, they’ll make a ton of money by getting themselves positioned BEFORE everyone else finds out. And if they still do things the way they did when I worked there, as soon as they get themselves and their big-money clients set up, they’ll tell the analysts to start putting out bullish ratings and boosting price targets. So the bottom line here is that if you get in while they’re getting in, you can ride that wave of profit DeepSurge is destined to create with them. But if you wait, you’ll just be helping them and their already-rich clients get even richer.

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So take a few more minutes of your time today to learn all about DeepSurge and the company pioneering it in my free report. Then get yourself invested in the company that’s spreading DeepSurge technology around the world. And don’t forget to come back to Wealth Daily every day to stay one step ahead of the crowd on DeepSurge and other investment trends the mainstream is just getting wind of.

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