Two Pictures Worth a Million Bucks

Written By Jason Williams

Updated January 10, 2024

For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing to you about the immense profit potential packed into the rollout of 5G communication.

I’ve shown you the kinds of gains early investors have already made in companies just tangentially connected to 5G, like this educational software company that soared over 8,000% on the news it was going to benefit from 5G tech:


And last week, I gave you some insight into how the world’s elite are betting on 5G.

All of that information was to get you invested in one small company that’s got this industry by the balls. But it seems like some of you haven’t been swayed.

Maybe you just missed my emails. Maybe you don’t believe how instrumental this one small firm will be to 5G. Or maybe you just didn’t have time to read the full report.

Whatever the reason, I’m hoping that today I can show you exactly why you need to be invested in this company BEFORE 5G is rolled out nationwide. And I’m going to do it with just two pictures and a list…

5G Is There (Just Not Here)

You see, we’ve already got 5G coverage in cities across the country. Verizon has coverage in 21 cities, Sprint has coverage in nine, T-Mobile has 5G coverage in six, and AT&T has it in 21.

US 5G Cities List 

“But why just those cities?” you might ask.

Well, that’s where my two pictures come into play. Take a look at those cities laid out on a map of the United States:

US 5G Cities Map

See a pattern? No? How about when you compare it to this map of the United States?

Now do you see the pattern? Those colorful lines on the second map cover all those cities where the major carriers have 5G coverage on the first map.

“And why is that?” you may be asking. Well, it’s because the second picture is a map of one company’s nation-wide fiber network. And that network is critical to deploying 5G coverage.

That’s why the carriers ONLY have coverage in those specific cities. And that’s why they’re ALL paying hundreds of millions already just to get on this company’s network.

One Network to Rule Them All

You see, in order for 5G to work, the carriers need millions of small antennas about the size of a trash can mounted all over the country. And in order for all the data we’ll create with 5G enabled devices to be useful, all those millions of antennas need to be connected to data storage centers. And those storage centers are connected with fiber optic cables.

So, in order to get 5G working, the wireless carriers and anybody else who hopes to use 5G need this company’s fiber network. They need a place close to major population centers where they can physically mount their antennas. And they need it so that their customers’ data can be stored and accessed with ease. They just plain need it.

And you can see just how much they need it when you see that the ONLY cities in the entire country with 5G coverage are also cities on this company’s fiber network.

Any Day Now

The thing is that nobody has noticed the pattern playing out all over the country with all of the major carriers and telecom companies. If they had, then this company’s stock price would have been bid up into the stratosphere.

Nobody is looking at the companies providing the backbone that 5G needs to exist. And this one company has quietly cornered almost the entire market while nobody was looking.

But that’s not going to last. At Davos last week, global leaders and corporate fat cats couldn’t stop talking about 5G and the necessity to get proper infrastructure up and running. Wall Street analysts are already searching for the company that will service that need.

It’s not going to take them long to find this opportunity once they start looking for it. That’s going to bring a lot of attention to this company and send the share price soaring.

That alone will make early investors rich beyond their wildest dreams. And, as an added bonus, because of a special deal this company struck with the U.S. government to get positioned to dominate 5G, it must share its profits with investors.

By law, this company has to pay out nearly all the 5G “rent” it collects from firms wanting access to its network. And it has to pay it out to regular investors like you and me.

So, not only are you all but guaranteed a 10x return on your stock, you’ll also get paid to wait for the shares to shoot up the chart. It really doesn’t get better than that.

But opportunities like this don’t come around often. And when they do, they don’t last long. Every second you wait to get invested is the second that research report might hit and send the shares skyward.

So, take a few minutes out of your day today and watch this presentation we’ve put together detailing the opportunity. It’s got all the information you need to start collecting 5G rent checks while you watch your shares double in value again and again.

Just click here to give the presentation a view. Or, if you prefer to read some more, click right here and you’ll be directed to a written report.

Either way, just make sure you get the information today. Tomorrow, it could already be too late.

So, click here now and start earning those massive 5G profits come Monday.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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