This Strange New Tech Will Replace the iPhone

Alexander Boulden

Posted November 20, 2023

Dear Reader,

I want you to do yourself a favor.

Imagine a future without smartphones…

Crazy concept, right?

For me, it’s not so hard to do.

I grew up without one.

In fact, for most of my life, I never even had a cellphone.

I still remember the days of finding a pay phone at camp or on vacation if I needed to make a call.

I remember calling a girlfriend’s house and speaking to her parents in order to talk to her.

If you weren’t polite, that wasn’t happening…

I remember the freedom of being independent as a kid — keeping track of the time with an old Casio or Timex and setting a date and time to meet friends somewhere.

Once the first cellphone was introduced to the family, it was kept in the car, only for emergencies.

Then everyone started carrying them like a sidearm.

It was all downhill from there.

It’s so important to realize how badly it disrupted our communication system as humans.

We were never meant to constantly text or "like, comment, and subscribe."

It’s not natural.

Little did we know how prolific cellphones would become.

Now they rule our world.

They’ve destroyed our ability to be human.

And they’ve taken away our humanity.

It’s not hard to see why.

While smartphones have brought about numerous benefits and conveniences, they’ve also been associated with certain drawbacks and negative impacts on individuals and society.

Here are just some of the ways…

Excessive smartphone use can contribute to social isolation, as people may spend more time on their devices and less time engaging in face-to-face interactions.

Texting and social media have led to a decline in traditional face-to-face communication skills.

Smartphones can be a source of distraction, especially in situations where focus is crucial, like driving or during work or school.

And they’re addictive. Smartphone addiction is now a recognized phenomenon, and excessive use can have negative consequences on mental health and overall well-being.

The blue light emitted by smartphone screens can interfere with sleep patterns, potentially leading to insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

Smartphones can be vulnerable to privacy breaches, with personal information and data being accessed or exploited by malicious entities.

Prolonged use of smartphones, especially with poor posture, can contribute to physical health problems such as neck and back pain, eye strain, and something called “text neck.”

Social media apps on smartphones can contribute to feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem, as individuals may compare their lives to the curated content of others.

The anonymity provided by smartphones and online platforms can facilitate cyberbullying, which can have severe consequences for mental health and has led to countless suicides.

The production and disposal of smartphones contributes to electronic waste, and the mining of materials for these devices has negative environmental and ethical consequences.

According to Android Authority, the average smartphone costs $790. And many people buy new ones every year!

They're keeping us poor and spying on us at the same time.

Not to mention, they’re all the same.

Ultimately, smartphones have destroyed the world economy, killed people, and rotted our brains.

It’s the ultimate con by the OG tech giants.

But what if there were something that could finally break the cycle of abuse?

Sure, you could go back to a “dumb phone” or use something like the Light Phone, which is meant as a way for you to take a break from the smartphone.

But you’re not thinking outside the box.

Because right now there’s a replacement technology that far outpaces the capabilities of your dusty old smartphone.

AI Phone

I know what you’re thinking… you’re done hearing about AI.

And look, I am too, but I just saw something that I truly believe will change the course of humanity.

Enter the Ai Pin.

ai pin

After this tech takes off, you’ll forget your smartphone even existed.

Here’s what we know so far…

Last week, OpenAI — the company behind ChatGPT — held its OpenAI DevDay event.

(Now former) CEO Sam Altman revealed the latest version of ChatGPT, and we heard about Elon Musk’s Grok chatbot.

But the clear winner from the entire conference was a company called Humane — run by former Apple employees — which unveiled a device that challenges the very core of the smartphone.

It’s called the Ai Pin, and it’s a wearable device that harnesses the power of AI chatbots to assist you, not harm you like a smartphone does.

According to Humane’s press release, the Ai Pin runs on a Snapdragon processor with a dedicated Qualcomm AI Engine. It has an ultra-wide camera with depth and motion sensors so you can take pictures and video and also interact with the world around you.

Just like Apple products, it’s small, sleek, and extremely powerful.

ai pin

It also has a built-in personic speaker, bluetooth pairing, and a mini projector with a laser ink display so you can read and interact with text on your hand. You can even hold the camera up to food, and the AI will give you the nutrition facts.

But it wouldn't be an iPhone killer if it wasn’t a phone. So, yes, you can make phone calls and send texts and emails.

It starts at $699, and you also pay $24 a month for a cellphone plan.

Remember, this is just the beginning.

It's not hard to see what the future looks like after watching the company's presentation.

A lot of people are criticizing it because it can’t “do” much.

That’s exactly what people said when the first smartphones came out.

The first step is to decouple humans from smartphones. Then the magic will happen.

The only drawback here is that you have to submit to AI to get your humanity back.

But if that means a better life in the long run, count me in.

Stay frosty,

Alexander Boulden
Editor, Wealth Daily

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