The Threat of Nuclear War Is REAL — Be Ready for It

Written By Jason Simpkins

Posted March 12, 2024

In a few days (March 15–17), Russia will once again hold its regular “elections.”

There’s no mystery about who will win. 

Vladimir Putin just had his chief political opponent killed in a Siberian prison, and those that lined the streets for his funeral are now being systematically arrested.

Still, this is traditionally a time for dictators to make a show of their supposed strength. 

To that end, in his state of the union speech to the Russian people, Vladimir Putin suggested 14 targets in the continental United States that he’s prepared to nuke. 

That list includes some obvious choices, such as the Pentagon, Camp David, and the Naval base in Norfolk, Virginia, which is the world’s largest.

But it also included some lesser-known strategic targets throughout the country, including bases in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, North Dakota, and Georgia.

This isn’t new, of course. 

Vladimir Putin has been threatening America with nuclear annihilation for decades now. 

However, these days, the threat actually is serious for a few reasons. 

First, Russia has developed its own brand of state-of-the-art nuclear weapons that outclass those of the United States and are almost certainly capable of piercing our nuclear shield.

Secondly, he’s locked his country into a costly and unpopular war that’s already cost the lives of anywhere from 300,000–400,000 Russian soldiers.

Thirdly, Putin has staked Russia’s entire economy to its military-industrial complex. 

Indeed, the war effort is the only lifeline Russia’s economy has right now. The rest has been hamstrung by corruption, inefficiency, a growing web of sanctions, and a tiny club of willing economic partners.

Yes, one of those partners is China, but the other three are Iran, North Korea, and Tucker Carlson, which only have so much to offer.

So Putin has really boxed himself in here.

And unfortunately for us, that could lead him to make an incredibly rash, dangerous, and deadly decision. 

One he almost made a year and a half ago.

That is, back in September/October of 2022, things were looking bad for Russia’s Ukraine invasion. 

It was around that time that Ukrainian forces were closing in on Kherson — a major city that had been overrun and occupied by Russian forces. 

As they did so, it looked as though the entire Russian line might break. Multiple Russian units were in danger of being surrounded and even annihilated. 

Worst case, the corridor to Crimea and even Russia proper was at risk of being blown wide open. 

That’s when Russian commanders began contemplating the unthinkable. 

The CIA and other U.S. intelligence services began intercepting discussions among Russia’s military brass about the logistics of detonating a nuclear weapon on the battlefield.

Simultaneously, Russian officials began floating the threat of a supposed Ukrainian false-flag operation in which Ukrainian forces would deploy a “dirty bomb” and blame Russia for it. 

Aware that obviously wasn’t the case, Western officials saw the ruse for what it was — a ploy to detonate a nuclear bomb and then blame Ukraine for it.

That was the plan if Russian forces had been overrun. 

Thankfully, they weren’t. 

Ukraine did liberate Kherson, but Russian forces didn’t completely tuck tail and run. And international efforts to get countries like India and China to talk some sense into Russia helped cool things down.

However, that still doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods.

The upcoming U.S. election will have as much influence over this situation as Russia’s own.

As you’re probably aware, Republicans in Congress have been holding up aid to Ukraine at the behest of former President Donald Trump, who has explicitly pledged to abandon our allies in Europe. 

That’s allowed Russia to regain the upper hand in this conflict. 

If Trump goes on to win, he will undoubtedly invite Putin to “do whatever the hell he wants,” as he himself put it. 

That could include deploying a nuclear weapon to expedite his country’s victory. 

It could also mean threatening or even targeting Ukraine’s remaining allies in Europe.

That’s a scenario Coventry University Professor of Political Science and International Relations Matt Qvortrup raised to the United Kingdom’s Daily Mirror.

“I think the Russians wouldn’t see much of a deterrent from western Europe,” Qvortrup says.” And with a Trump presidency, where we wouldn’t be able to count on American support… The scenario is, Trump pulls out of Ukraine, the Europeans will have to foot the bill and Putin says, ‘If you do this, we are going to nuke you.'”

He added: “I remember the time when you would wake up in a cold sweat in the ’80s because you thought we’re going to be nuked by the Russians. I think we are in a position which is as dangerous, certainly for Europe, as we were back then.”

Conversely, should the Democrats win and unlock more aid for Ukraine, the war could continue to drag out, resulting in more Russian losses — or perhaps the kind of long, bloody stalemate that might jeopardize Putin’s grip on the country.

That, too, could invite nuclear calamity.

Obviously, neither case is good. And that’s why I’m constantly advocating for investors to buy into defense contractors and military technology.

Because Russia is all-in. China is all-in. And the United States will, one way or another, be drawn in as well. 

So check out my latest report here for everything you need to know to not just safeguard your finances but also profit from the inevitable.

Fight on,

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