The Perfect Gift For Your Gold Bug

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted May 13, 2010

Check this out….I heard Ben Bernanke was having one of these installed in his office.

It’s a gold vending machine found in the lobby of an Abu Dhabi Hotel.

The Emirates Palace hotel unveiled the hi-tech new vending machine just yesterday as gold settled at a reocord high.

Gold crazy customers insert cash and, in return, get gold bars weighing up to 10 grams or gold coins featuring a customized design. Sort of like a soda machine, but for precious metals.

And for those that just can’t resist the urge to speculate and buy their gold on margin, the machine’s inventor, German entrepreneur Thomas Geissler, says the machine will be updated to accept credit cards.



I’m not sure but I think that is one seven signs of the apocalypse….

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