The Case for Massive AI Profits

Jason Williams

Updated February 2, 2024

Last week, I wrote an article explaining that while the artificial intelligence (AI) market might be exhibiting signs of a bubble, it is not poised to crash like cannabis and crypto before it…

And some of you heard me out. And I appreciate that. Others tuned me out, and I can appreciate that too, I guess.

But a few of you wrote in to question both my sanity and my investment acumen, and I can’t appreciate or tolerate that…

So here’s your warning: Get ready to get triggered if you’re one of those AI haters…

Because this article is all about the difference between market gains spurred by speculative manias like cannabis and crypto and those built upon real technological revolutions like artificial intelligence…

Speculation Versus Investment

You see, speculative manias, by their nature, are characterized by a hyperbolic rise in asset prices driven by irrational exuberance and not by underlying fundamentals.

In the cannabis sector, legislative changes and new investments sparked a wave of investor excitement. But the fundamentals said that not a single cannabis company that was going public was profitable.

Similarly, cryptocurrencies rallied to dizzying highs based on absolutely nothing but the dizzying heights they’d already achieved.

The vast majority of the tens of thousands of coins that popped up during the height of the frenzy couldn’t stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

That’s because the investments that drove those rallies weren’t based on fundamental research. They were based on misplaced beliefs that as long as a market was big enough, profits would come…

Or based on the irrational expectation that because something has gone up, it will always go up and the newest is always the best.

Now, in stark contrast to those speculative infernos we saw in the cannabis and cryptocurrency markets during their bubble times, artificial intelligence represents a foundational shift in the technological paradigm…

Not some fleeting trend.

Unlike cannabis and crypto, AI’s promise lies in its transformative potential across industries, from health care and finance to transportation and beyond.

And this revolution is underpinned by substantial advancements in machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, among other fields.

Not just some new laws or regulatory loopholes.

It’s like the parable of the homebuilders…

While speculative bubbles are built upon the sands of hype and hope and cannot stand the test of time, the growth within the AI sector has a rock-solid foundation.

It’s rooted in tangible advancements and integrations into the very fabric of both global commerce and daily life.

And that means the companies leading the charge in AI aren’t just riding a wave of investor enthusiasm.

Instead, they’re laying the groundwork for a future where AI’s impact on productivity, efficiency, and innovation becomes universal.

This. Is. Real.

And that’s why I’m taking so much time to make the distinction between the gains you saw in cannabis stocks and cryptocurrencies and the ones you’re seeing in AI stocks today…

Because I understand that they look similar and they might bring a feeling of dread that the carpet’s about to be pulled one more time.

But that’s not the case. With AI, we’re talking about a true technological innovation that’s been decades in the making.

And the projections for market growth are really phenomenal, even the conservative ones…

AI market growth

Some of those conservative projections have the market value reaching $126.5 BILLION a year by 2031.

That’s a growth rate equal to about 32% a year for the next near decade.

And when it comes to investment in AI, some of those conservative estimates bring the total to over $200 billion by 2025…

That’s only a year away!

When it comes to users, the growth is already off the charts as apps like ChatGPT amass users faster than any other app-based technology in history…

100m users

We’re talking about technology that was adopted 78 times faster than streaming movies over the internet…

100m users 2

That’s real rapid growth. It’s not the hope and hype that the cannabis and crypto bubbles were built on at all.

And I hope that now that we’ve really broken down the difference, you can see it too.

Because I know that this is the kind of technological shift that takes some investors to the next level and leaves others behind forever…

I hate to sound trite, but this is the biggest investment opportunity of our lifetimes. And I don’t want any of you to let it pass you by.

This is bigger than the internet, bigger than streaming, bigger than online shopping, bigger even than mobile phones…

And it’s going to mint a new generation of multimillionaires and billionaires.

The only question in my mind is: Will you be one of them?

I hope the answer’s yes. And to help you make that dream a reality, I want to offer to share with you the four most explosive AI investments my team and I have unearthed through our tireless research…

AI “Infrastructure” Income

First up is an investment for everyone, no matter their risk tolerance…

It’s a company that has a virtual monopoly on a critical asset indispensable to every AI enterprise seeking to capitalize on this groundbreaking technology.

These advanced AI systems demand real-time access to vast amounts of data to operate effectively. Any delay, even a fraction of a second, renders AI as outdated as dial-up internet in today’s high-speed era.

This essential data, intangible yet voluminous, requires substantial storage space, strategically positioned to bridge AI firms and their end users, facilitating profitable AI applications.

We’ve identified an investment opportunity in a company that commands the largest share of this crucial “data storage” real estate in the nation, surpassing tech behemoths like Microsoft, Nvidia, Google, Amazon, and Apple.

This company, the linchpin in the AI ecosystem, garners substantial monthly revenue from these industry giants for access to its data storage capabilities, positioning it as the de facto gatekeeper of AI profitability.

So not only is this entity a beneficiary of immense monthly revenues from these transactions, but it’s also legally bound to distribute the lion’s share of this income to its shareholders, presenting a compelling investment proposition.

This investment avenue offers consistent, substantial returns, already amounting to $1.5 billion annually, which is why I say it should fit any risk tolerance and every strategy.

So I encourage everyone to delve into this comprehensive report detailing how this company achieved its dominant position, the legal framework ensuring regular shareholder payouts, the potential for these disbursements to significantly increase, and, most importantly, how you can claim your portion of the forthcoming financial distribution.

The “Emerging Titans of AI Technology”

And for the bold investors who are comfortable with higher risks, we’ve identified three standout small-cap companies in the AI sector that show immense promise.

These entities are relatively small, especially when juxtaposed with giants like Microsoft and Nvidia, which gives them significant growth potential at a much lower entry cost per share.

Unlike the heftier investments required for shares in larger companies, these options are far more accessible.

And drawing from my own experience, I can vouch that small-cap stocks often present the most dynamic growth opportunities…

Doubling an investment from $5 million to $10 million is inherently more feasible than an increase from $1 trillion to $2 trillion.

But despite their smaller scale, each of these companies boasts a substantial collection of intellectual property, including patents critical to the development, deployment, and commercialization of AI technologies.

However, it’s important to note the inherent risks due to their size and the competitive pressure from industry powerhouses like Microsoft and Nvidia. These investments come with their share of volatility and are far from a sure bet. But based on our thorough analysis, they possess the potential to rise to prominence as the AI market continues to expand.

So for those inclined toward adventurous investments and ready to embrace the associated risks for the chance of significant returns, diving into our detailed report and considering an investment in these emerging players is something I’d strongly suggest… one more time.

Brass Tacks

The bottom line is that this is real and this is not some speculative mania. It’s built on fundamentals and an industry that’s been quietly growing for decades.

It’s finally become mainstream, but adoption, while rapid, is still in its very early stages.

In 10 years, AI technology is going to be a part of everyone’s everyday life. Just like the internet and cellphones.

Are you going to profit from that growth? Or will you let it pass you by?

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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