The Best Carbon Capture Stock

Alexander Boulden

Posted April 1, 2024

You’ve no doubt heard the term “carbon capture.” But what is it, exactly? And how can you profit from this booming industry? And finally, what’s the best carbon capture stock?

Well, before I delve into the tiny carbon capture company set to dominate the industry, we first need a deeper understanding of carbon capture and how investors can capitalize on the trend.

Carbon capture, often referred to as carbon capture and storage (CCS) or carbon capture and utilization (CCU), is a set of technologies and processes designed to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated from various industrial processes and energy production activities. The main goal of carbon capture is to reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, thus mitigating its contribution to global climate change.

Here’s how carbon capture typically works:

  1. Capture: Carbon capture systems are installed at industrial facilities, power plants, or other sources of significant CO2 emissions. These systems capture the CO2 emissions either before they are released into the atmosphere or from flue gases after combustion.
  2. Transport: Once captured, the CO2 is often compressed into a dense state for ease of transportation. It can be transported through pipelines or other means to a suitable storage site.
  3. Storage: The captured CO2 is stored in geological formations deep underground, such as depleted oil and gas reservoirs, saline aquifers, or other geological structures. This storage prevents the CO2 from reentering the atmosphere and contributing to climate change

Alternatively, in the context of carbon capture and utilization (CCU), the captured CO2 can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) Injecting captured CO2 into oil reservoirs to increase oil production while simultaneously storing the CO2 underground
  • Carbonation of minerals Using CO2 to mineralize waste materials or natural minerals, which can permanently sequester the carbon
  • Production of chemicals and materials Using CO2 as a feedstock to produce chemicals, plastics, or construction materials
  • Carbon-neutral fuels — Converting CO2 into synthetic fuels, such as synthetic natural gas or liquid hydrocarbons, using renewable energy sources

Carbon capture is considered a crucial technology for addressing climate change because it allows industries that are challenging to decarbonize, such as cement production and heavy industry, to reduce their emissions. It can also play a role in reducing emissions from fossil fuel power plants and other stationary sources.

However, carbon capture is not a stand-alone solution to climate change and should be part of a broader strategy that includes reducing emissions at their source, transitioning to renewable energy sources, and implementing energy efficiency measures. Additionally, the effectiveness and long-term safety of CO2 storage must be carefully monitored and managed to avoid leakage and other environmental risks.

That’s where our top carbon capture company comes into play…

You see, this tiny company focuses on developing technologies and systems to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from various industrial processes and power generation facilities. Its goal is to help industries and companies reduce their carbon emissions and combat climate change.

Because the company’s business is reliant on securing contracts, the company has four blockbuster deals in the works.

First, in 2022, the company signed a deal with Microsoft.

Second, the company signed a deal with Saudi oil giant Aramco, the second-largest company in the world.

Third, it signed a deal with Ørsted, the largest energy company in Denmark.

Finally, it’s signed a buyout deal with a top U.S. oilfield services company.

This sub-$1 stock is gearing up to go parabolic.

For the full story, the ticker symbol, and the buy-up-to price, I’ve put together this this exclusive investor presentation.

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