The 10 Best Dividend Stocks for 2024

Written By Jason Williams

Updated May 16, 2024

If you’ve been reading my work for even just a little bit, then you know I have a love affair with dividend stocks. And I’m always out there looking for the best dividend stocks for myself and my investors. It’s how I’ve helped them lock in blockbuster gains by getting in early and reinvesting our income along the way. And today, I want to share the best dividend stocks for 2024 so that you can get the most out of your portfolio this year.


Because when you invest in the best dividend stocks, you’re investing in companies that are so confident in their future growth that they share their profits with investors. And when you reinvest that money into more shares, you can take advantage of the magic of compounding to grow your wealth exponentially!

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The Best Dividend Stocks Give the Best Growth

You see, compounding is the only surefire way to build a fortune in the stock market. And with enough time and the best dividend stocks, it doesn’t matter where you start. Because you’re using the twin forces of time and the best dividend stocks. And those are far more powerful than any economic forecast or trading strategy. And since the best dividend stocks are also those that grow their payouts, you’re also adding in that dividend growth to your compounded profits!

I know that sounds way too simple, but it’s the God’s honest truth. Buy quality, dividend-growing stocks and let the power of compounding do all the work for you. And you’ll outperform the markets just like this:


So, now that you understand a little better why you should be looking for the best dividend stocks to add to your portfolio… let’s get into the details and discuss a few of my picks for the best dividend stocks in 2024…

The Best Dividend Stocks for 2024: Never Out of Style

First on my list of the best dividend stocks for 2024 is a clean operation running a dirty business that literally never goes out of style. The company is Republic Services Inc. (NYSE: RSG), and it’s a North American waste disposal company. You might recognize its logo from the big blue garbage trucks keeping your community clean…


The company is just a couple of years away from becoming a “dividend aristocrat” because it’s never missed a payment and it’s hiked its dividends every year for over 21 years. If it can keep that streak alive for four more years, it’ll be among a group of only 67 companies to do so. It’s this commitment to steady payments and long-term growth that makes Republic Services one of the best dividend stocks for 2024.

The Best Dividend Stocks for 2024: Sin-Free Sin Stocks

Next up on my list of the best dividend stocks for 2024 is a company that’s inextricably intertwined with one of the newest “sin” industries, yet it manages to keep its own hands completely clean. It’s a firm called Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR). And its main business is renting out buildings and real estate to medical cannabis companies. I first uncovered this company back in 2017 when shares cost about $20 each and the dividend was worth $1 per year. Today, those shares go for around $100 and the dividend is a whopping $7.28 per year!


Thanks to that astounding dividend growth, my investors were able to pull out an extra 200% in profits. That’s what buying the best dividend growing stocks can get you. And that’s why Innovative Industrial Properties is one of my best dividend stocks for 2024.

The Best Dividend Stocks for 2024: Golden Payouts

Third on my list of the best dividend stocks for 2024 is a company that’s involved in the precious metals markets despite not mining a single ounce of gold or silver. It’s the Gamco Global Gold, Natural Resources, and Income Trust (NYSE: GGN). And it’s what’s known as a closed-end fund, or CEF. It trades exactly like an ETF, but instead of issuing new shares to sell to new investors, a CEF’s share count is finite and does not change. So, since no new money is flowing into the fund, it can provide a better reflection of the market demand than an ETF.


And the Gamco Gold Trust is one of the best dividend stocks for 2024 because it’s got a long track record of making consistent monthly payments to shareholders. And it’s involved in the gold markets, which are going through the first innings of a supercycle that could take prices to previously unimagined levels. So you’ll get the capital appreciation from the gold rally and the steady monthly payouts of one of the best dividend stocks for 2024.

The Best Dividend Stocks for 2024: Plug-in Payouts

And finally, because I promised you 10 of the best dividend stocks for 2024 but am quickly running out of space to share them in, I’ve got an extra-special deal for you. I want to give you 100% free, no-strings-attached access to a presentation where I detail seven of the very best dividend stocks for 2024. It’s part of a research package I made just for my premium investors, but since they’re already profiting, I want to share it with you, too.

You see, when it comes to the best dividend stocks for 2024, these companies really shine at the top of the list because they’re profiting from the still-growing EV market and sharing those profits with investors. You see, they don’t make EVs or EV batteries. They don’t make EV chargers or even tires for EVs. But what they do is own some of the very best real estate for placing EV chargers where EV drivers can reach them.

I’m talking about shopping malls, convenience stores, truck stops, service stations, car washes, grocery stores, and lots of other places where people already go with their cars. This proximity to “things people do in cars” makes them the very best places to install EV charging infrastructure. And with every EV charger installed, that real estate becomes more valuable and these companies can charge more to lease it from them. In turn, these companies then share at least 90% of those profits with shareholders.

And with national and local governments the world over not only pushing for more EVs, but also providing funding to get more infrastructure out there to support them, these companies are poised for some of the biggest, most rapid dividend growth the world has ever seen. And it’s that potential future growth combined with the exposure to this growing market that makes these companies the absolute best dividend stocks for 2024.


So I hope you’ll take me up on my offer and check out my free report on these incredible dividend programs I’ve collectively dubbed “Plug-in Payouts.” It’s got all the information you’ll need to add all the best dividend stocks to your portfolio. Plus, you’ll get a special offer to join me and the thousands of other like-minded investors already profiting from them and many other of the best dividend stocks in 2024.

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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