Starlink IPO: The Future of Global Connectivity is (Almost) on Wall Street

Mike Munno

Posted June 7, 2023

The anticipation for a Starlink IPO is reaching an all-time high as we get closer to a potential date. This is one of the most anticipated IPOs in recent years, and there’s good reason for it. 

Starlink is a company founded by SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, with the goal of providing global broadband internet coverage. They plan to achieve this by deploying a network of thousands of small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO).

The satellites communicate with each other using laser links, forming a constellation that blankets the Earth. This enables Starlink to offer internet connectivity to even the most remote areas. That even includes where traditional internet infrastructure is limited or unavailable. 

The primary advantage of Starlink's satellite internet service is its ability to deliver high-speed internet access with low latency. Traditional internet services often struggle with latency, which can cause delays and affect real-time applications.

Starlink IPO

Starlink aims to bridge the digital divide by bringing reliable and affordable internet access to underserved areas. Their vision is to create a global network that enables people around the world to connect, regardless of their geographical location.

The company has been actively launching batches of satellites into orbit and expanding its network coverage. Today, we’ll discuss the Starlink IPO and answer any questions that investors have about it. 

Why is a Starlink IPO Highly Anticipated? 

One of the biggest reasons the Starlink IPO is on investors mind’s is because of Elon Musk. Musk is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He has a proven track record of success in the tech industry, and his involvement in Starlink has helped to generate a lot of excitement. 

Many investors missed the boat on the Tesla IPO while watching their friends and neighbors become “Teslanaires.” So naturally, when Elon Musk’s next big company is getting ready to go public, it gives one a sense of hope. Who wouldn’t want to rake in gains like these? 

Tesla IPO Chart

Of course, It’s not just Musk and Tesla’s performance that gets people excited about a Starlink IPO. 

Starlink’s market potential is extremely high. The global demand for high-speed internet continues to grow rapidly, fueled by increasing reliance on digital services, remote work, and e-commerce. Starlink's ambitious plan to deploy thousands of LEO satellites positions the company to capture a significant share of this expanding market. Musk and Starlink have recently made headlines by providing help in the East for Ukraine. 

Not only is this good publicity for the company, but it proves the technology is sound. Musk is often criticized for exaggerating the capabilities of his technology, but Starlink has yet to underperform. 

Starlink's LEO satellite network offers advantages over traditional internet infrastructure, such as reduced latency and improved coverage. This advantage could attract customers seeking reliable connectivity, including rural communities, maritime, and aviation industries.

Starlink IPO Date

Right now, there is no set date for a Starlink IPO, but it could be close. When previously asked about a Starlink IPO date, Elon would give a consistent answer. And it all came down to the cashflow. 

Starlink IPO tweet

Starlink IPO tweet

Well, the Starlink cash flow is getting a little bit more predictable. In fact, Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of SpaceX made the statementr at the Commercial Space Transportation conference that “this year Starlink will make money. We Actually had a cash flow positive quarter last year.” 

But while things are looking up, it could still be a little bit of time before Elon and Co. take Starlink public. Unfortunately, the company is also dependent on SpaceX to go public. As Elon described it in 2021, “SpaceX needs to pass through a deep chasm of negative cash flow over the next year or so to make Starlink financially viable.” 

Well, it looks like SpaceX is finally passing through the deep chasm. They report just over $3.3 billion in revenue in 2022 with roughly $1 billion of that coming from Starlink. Starlink also surpassed one million subscribers and has over 3,500 satellites in the sky. 

If the trend continues we could see a Starlink IPO by June 2024.

Are You Going to Invest in the Starlink IPO?

While investors eagerly await for a Starlink IPO date announcement, we will be eagerly watching for updates. Of course, if you don’t want to wait for the IPO, you can always try and find Starlink pre-ipo investing opportunities.

We recognize that pre-ipo investing isn’t for everyone, but if you firmly believe in Starlink and Elon Musk then it’s worth exploring. While no one knows for certain just yet when Starlink will IPO, it’s safe to say it is inevitable at this rate. The question is, when it does IPO, are you going to invest? 

While we wait for further developments and signals of a Starlink IPO, I urge you to check out our investment opportunities page to see what we’re investing in TODAY. 

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