Silver at Record Prices

Brian Hicks

Updated March 25, 2011

Yesterday, the silver market reached an historic milestone. For the first time ever, silver traded over $38 an ounce.

Since August of last year, silver has doubled in value…

Recently, I sat down with precious metals expert Greg McCoach.

During our 40-minute interview, Greg explained to me that he thinks silver is in a historic bull market — and has a lot more room to run. 

The $50-mark is next on silver’s radar…

In this video interview, Greg talks with us about everything precious metals — including base metals, uranium, and rare earths.

Greg also talks about what to do if the “revolutions” in the Middle East spreads here to the States.


Publisher, Wealth Daily

P.S. You can find the first installment of my talk with Greg during his most recent trip to Baltimore right here.

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