Robinhood Day Trading: Conquering the Casino or Crashing and Burning?

Mike Munno

Updated January 19, 2024

If you’re thinking of dipping your toes in Robinhood day trading, you should be aware of some do’s and don’ts. Robinhood, the app that democratized investing, has spawned a generation of day traders, armed with smartphones and fueled by social media hype. As a result, day traders of all levels have flooded the Robinhood. 

The emerald green glow of Robinhood has hypnotized a generation. Armed with smartphones and fueled by social media frenzy, countless young investors have poured into the day trading arena. 

Robinhood Day Trading

But the thrill of potential windfalls often masks the harsh reality: Robinhood’s casino floor is paved with both golden jackpots and hidden pitfalls. Before you tempt fate with a swipe and a click, heed this warning: navigating this volatile landscape requires not just audacity, but strategic foresight and steely discipline.

Before you start Robinhood day trading, there are some Do’s and Don’ts you should be aware of. Today, we’re going to get you on the path to conquering the Robinhood day trading game…

Robinhood Day Trading – Do:

Educate Yourself: Treat day trading like a marathon, not a sprint. Immerse yourself in stock market knowledge. Join various investing discords and communities. Learn technical analysis, understand margin calls, and research trading strategies. Don’t just blindly follow memes and Reddit threads.

Start Small: Test the waters with small investments you can afford to lose. Avoid using margin at this stage. Think of it as paying for training, not gambling with your future.

Develop a Strategy: Day trading isn’t a random dart throw. Craft a defined strategy based on your risk tolerance and market analysis. Will you use scalping? Swing trading? Pick a style and stick to it.

Manage Your Risk: No one wins every trade. Set stop-loss orders to limit potential losses. Remember, protecting your capital is crucial for long-term success.

Be Disciplined: Stick to your plan! Avoid emotional trading based on fear or greed. Don’t chase losses or get carried away by hype. Discipline is your armor in this volatile battlefield.

Robinhood Day Trading - Be Disciplined

Robinhood Day Trading – Do (Continued):

Diversify: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread your investments across different stocks and sectors. This minimizes risk and ensures a single bad trade doesn’t sink your ship.

Use Stop-Limit Orders: This advanced order type lets you set a stop price and a limit price. It gives you more control over when your order executes, offering additional security in volatile markets.

Utilize Research Tools: Robinhood offers some research tools, but consider using external platforms for more in-depth analysis. Understand the companies you’re trading, news that might impact them, and technical indicators to guide your decisions.

Stay Informed: Don’t live in a bubble. Follow market news, company announcements, and economic events that might influence your trades. Knowledge is power, and staying informed keeps you ahead of the curve.

Monitor Your Performance: Track your trades, analyze your wins and losses, and learn from your mistakes. Adjust your strategy based on your performance and continuously strive to improve. Remember, practice makes perfect, even in day trading.

Robinhood Day Trading – Don’t:

Overleverage Yourself: Margin trading can amplify profits, but it also magnifies losses. Stick to cash accounts until you have a solid track record and a deep understanding of risk management.

Chase Hot Tips: Social media buzz can be tempting, but don’t blindly follow hype and recommendations. Do your own research and verify information before jumping on the bandwagon. Remember, hot tips often turn into cold reality quickly.

Trade on Emotion: Let logic, not emotions, guide your decisions. Fear and greed are the deadliest enemies of successful day trading. Stick to your strategy and avoid impulsive trades based on gut feelings.

Ignore News and Events: Major news, economic data, and company announcements can impact markets significantly. Many think that since the news already broke, it’s too late. That’s not the case. Stay informed and consider how these events might influence the stocks you’re trading.

Trade Too Frequently: Constant buying and selling incur fees and eat into your profits. Develop a trading strategy with defined entry and exit points to avoid excessive trading.

Robinhood Day Trading - Too Many Trades

Robinhood Day Trading – Don’t (Continued):

Neglect Taxes: Day trading profits are taxed as income. Keep detailed records and consult a tax professional to ensure you’re compliant with regulations.

Forget Long-Term Investing: Day trading should be a supplement, not a replacement for long-term investing. Build a diversified portfolio for long-term wealth creation while using day trading for short-term opportunities.

Expect Overnight Success: Day trading success takes time, dedication, and consistent effort. Don’t expect instant riches. Be patient, learn from your mistakes, and continuously improve your skills.

Compare Yourself to Others: Everyone’s day trading journey is unique. Don’t get discouraged by comparing your results to others on social media. Focus on your own progress and learning curve.

Give Up Easily: Day trading is challenging, and you will face setbacks. Don’t give up at the first sign of trouble. Analyze your mistakes, adjust your strategy, and keep striving for improvement.

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Traditional Day Trading vs. Robinhood Day Trading

Both paths lead to the market, but the scenery is vastly different. Here’s a quick comparison:

Traditional Day Trading:

  • Higher Fees: Traditional brokerages often charge higher commissions per trade, impacting smaller trades.
  • More Tools: Advanced charting, analytical tools, and research resources are readily available.
  • Margin Power: Access to margin amplification for experienced traders, but with higher risk.
  • Slower Execution: Trade execution might be slower due to traditional routing methods.

Robinhood Day Trading:

  • Zero Commissions: Free stock and ETF trades, ideal for smaller trades and frequent activity.
  • Limited Tools: Basic charting and research tools, requiring external platforms for in-depth analysis.
  • Restricted Margin: Limited or no margin access for most users, reducing potential losses (and gains).
  • Faster Execution: Fractional shares and instant settlement offer quicker, real-time trading.

Choosing between them depends on your trading style, experience, and risk tolerance. Beginners might find Robinhood’s simplicity and free trades attractive, while seasoned traders might prefer the advanced tools and margin flexibility of traditional day trading and brokerages.

If you find that Robinhood day trading is more comfortable for you, don’t forget the lessons learned today. As long as you’re comfortable (and making money), it doesn’t matter if you prefer Robinhood over other platforms.

Be warned though: Robinhood is notorious for pausing trading when high volume spikes occur. Many traders have lost money due to being unable to execute trades. While this has happened on other platforms, it isn’t as frequent. Just a word to the wise…   

Robinhood Day Trading - Trading Halted

When Robinhood Day Trading, Remember… 

Robinhood day trading can be a profitable endeavor, but it’s not for everyone. It requires significant education, discipline, and risk management. Weigh the risks and rewards carefully before diving in. 

The Robinhood app has democratized investing, placing the power of the market in the palm of every smartphone user. This newfound accessibility shouldn’t mask the inherent risks and challenges of day trading. It’s a demanding pursuit, a mental marathon, not a leisurely sprint. 

While the potential rewards are undeniably alluring, the road to success is paved with disciplined study, controlled emotions, and a healthy dose of caution. Treat it as a serious activity, not a game of chance. If you continue to learn and take your trading seriously, you will reach your goals in no time. Good luck! 

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