Police Watch

Police in this country have become increasingly militarized and violent. They’re the enforcement arm of an increasingly corrupt government and greedy officials. And their tasers, guns, and billy clubs are always directed at average citizens — not at the politicians and banking heads who commit the most far-reaching atrocities and thefts.

Many of their thuggish acts are meant to scare the general population into not exercising their rights.

Here are the latest examples:

Virginia: FBI arrests former Marine Brandon Raub for criticizing the government on Facebook. He is not read his rights, questioned, and committed to a mental institution. Multiple cases like this have surfaced, all relating to public critiques of the government.

Pennsylvania: 79-year-old Korean War veteran John Ramsey is arrested and jailed for not removing junk from his own property. For years he has collected and resold items to pay for his wife’s medications. But in this new age, the government can tell you what to do with your own property… and will send its enforcers to incarcerate you if you don’t comply.

California: 60-year-old Karen Wright is forced to the ground and handcuffed by two officers at a city council meeting for going over her allotted three-minute speaking time. She was speaking out against a corporate waste contract in our democratic fashion. Several witnesses reported she screamed in pain as the officers hoisted her off the ground by her wrists and led her out of the meeting. Message: You speak out against The Establishment, you’re gonna get roughed up.

California: Police officer pepper sprays dozens of high school students to get through a crowd. More than 45 students were treated for respiratory and eye irritation. 

New York: Police near the Empire State Building shoot eight innocent bystanders trying to shoot one man with a gun. The “criminal” shot one person. The police shot eight people. 

Virginia: Police arrest Danny Sawyer at the request of a car dealership. Three officers went to his home and arrested him in his front yard. His crime? The dealership erroneously charged him too little for the car. 

Texas: State Trooper violates all rules of using deadly force when he fires on a vehicle from a helicopter. This police officer killed two people without having any right to do so. He ended two lives illegally and will get away with it because he is a cop. 

Alabama: Cop is caught on camera tasing a boy in diabetic shock. The teenager crashed his car after his blood sugar dropped dangerously low. Instead of offering help and medical treatment, the gracious officer commanded the boy to step out of the vehicle. When he didn’t comply because he was in diabetic shock, the cop fired twice at him with a taser. Protecting and serving, this guy was. 

Pennsylvania: Veteran Philadelphia police officer punches 39-year-old woman in the face during the city’s annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. She was charged with disorderly conduct until a video surfaced of the incident, showing the cop was not justified in punching her in the face and knocking her down. How often does this happen and not get recorded? 

Oklahoma: Three-year-old Dillan Warden was learning to potty train. While playing in his own yard, he decided to pull down his pants to pee instead of soiling his diaper. He’s three. A cop who witnessed it issued the mother a $2,500 ticket. This cop has a police car he takes home every night, paid for by the public… but this toddler can’t pee in his own yard. 

Georgia: 30-year-old Daniel Tudela is arrested and charged with having a “hoax device.” His device? Multiple personal electronics on his person with headphone and charging wires. Police justified it because it was right after the Colorado theater shooting and in September (you know, when 9/11 happened), so the arrest was justified. That’s right! Other crimes committed by other people that you have no intention of committing are now grounds for stepping on your liberty. 

Texas: Officer Disraeli Arnold assaults teenager after he is already subdued. Tells him to “move and die,” “move so I can kick your ass,” and “blink wrong and die.” The kid was already on the ground being held by one cop. Full video of incident.

Connecticut: 43-year-old state trooper Aaron Huntsman steals from a dead man. That’s right! The officer, who is supposed to protect and serve, is being charged with stealing cash and jewelry from a man who died in an auto accident. Scumbag!

Florida: 20-year Orlando police veteran is charged with sexually assaulting a woman he arrested. He’s being charged with first-degree penalty. But don’t worry, he’s still getting paid. 

New Mexico: The Justice Department has opened an investigation of the Albuquerque Police Department after the fine officers there were involved in more than two dozen shootings, many of them fatal, in the past 24 months. 

Massachusetts: Police used a taser on a woman accused of trying to buy too many iPhones. Tiny Asian woman vs. Police. And the men in blue choose to tase. Where they in danger of being overpowered by this lady? Abuse of power.

Ohio: Police pepper spray an entire crowd but make no arrests. Several were treated at the emergency room. More evidence that their main goal is controlling your behavior, not enforcing the law. 


Utah: Lisa Steed, once Utah Highway Patrol’s “Trooper of the Year” has been fired for misconduct related to her duties and is now being investigated for faking up to 40 DUI arrests. At least 40 people have claimed they were wrongfully arrested for DUI after successfully completing sobriety checks. That’s America’s finest, folks. They’re here to serve you.

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