Peter Thiel Is Staring Down the Barrel of a Money Cannon

Jason Simpkins

Updated July 7, 2024

Peter Thiel is always a guy worth tracking. 

Investing in just one of the companies he backs has already netted me nearly a 200% return on my recommendation. And if you follow the breadcrumbs, I can point you toward another profitable program. 

I’m talking about Project Wingman. 

Project Wingman is the effort by the U.S. military to partner manned combat jets with AI-powered drones. These drones can provide all kinds of help and cover to their manned counterparts, including reconnaissance, targeting, distractions, jamming, and even lethality. 

It’s an initiative — also called Collaborative Combat Aircraft — that the Pentagon is all-in on. 

And Peter Thiel is already making a fortune off of it.

His Founders Fund is now in talks with Anduril Industries and a web of well-heeled investors to raise $1.5 billion in what would be one of the year’s largest funding rounds not exclusively focused on AI.

In fact, there was $5 billion worth of demand from investors for the deal, according to those involved, but the company chose to take a smaller sum. However, even with the lesser amount, Anduril is approaching $14 billion in value.


Because Anduril — a company co-founded seven years ago by Oculus headset creator Palmer Luckey — was one of two finalists to pursue the Air Force’s Project Wingman program. The other was another firm called General Atomics. 

Unfortunately for investors, these are both private companies. The good news, though, is that there are publicly traded stocks that stand to benefit. 

I know because I’ve got one in the Secret Stock Files portfolio that’s up over 100% and another that’s up 36% since I recommended it. In fact, more than 20 companies are racing to get a piece of Project Wingman

Make no mistake, this is a $6 billion effort that aims to deliver at least 1,000 collaborative combat aircraft to the Pentagon just to start. 

It’s money well spent, considering the F-35 program is set to cost $1.6 trillion over the course of its life. That’s the cost of fielding the most advanced fighter jets in the world — jets that would destroy anything Russia or China has if we ever came to blows.

The flip side of that, though, is that we can’t really afford to have these jets shot down. That’s why we’re pairing them with cheaper, autonomous drones that can carry out riskier tasks. 

They cost just a fraction of what the F-35 and other fifth-generation aircraft do. But they’re still capable of performing all those risky tasks I mentioned, which makes them invaluable. 

And like I said, I’ve already recommended two stocks that are heavily involved with the Project Wingman program — and both have taken off, so to speak. 

Of course, if you didn’t catch my initial report, you can find it here. Check it out if you haven’t already. I promise it’s well worth your time.

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