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Brian Hicks

Updated May 3, 2008

We’ve spoken a lot about the explosive opportunities in Bakken, even about the opportunities that lay in the Marcellus Shale.

But to understand the potential we’ve spoken of, let’s revisit the Interoil (IOC:AMEX) stock we spoke of in December 2007.

Granted, this is not a Bakken stock. But it exploded Thursday on a gas discovery. And I bring it to your attention, because it’s the same kind of "discovery" pops we’re looking for with Bakken.


IOC Chart May 2008


T. Boone Pickens and Interoil

"I learned long ago not to bet against T. Boone Pickens," I reported in December. "He’s not one to throw around investment dollars at just any company. A man of his stature is sure to have done plenty of research, and is sure to be well in the know before investing in any company."

That’s why when he increased his holdings in this beaten down oil play with opportunities in Papua New Guinea, Interoil became the "buying opportunity of a lifetime."

"But to make real money in Interoil, you have to play it smart," I advised Pure Energy Trader (PET) readers in a February 2008. "Hedge your bets with IOC puts and calls."

It turned out to be a smart move. Two months into the IOC trade, the stock pulled back sub-18, which gave PET readers the opportunity to cash out the puts for up to 29% gains.

But we also saw no reason to sell. In fact, we’re seeing more reasons to buy.

Here’s why.

Oil: Still the Buying Opportunity of a Lifetime

In early July 2007, it took four days for shareholders to send Interoil Corporation (IOC) to pre-Elk1 discovery at Papua New Guinea levels — a 58% plunge on nothing more than rumors of a dry well that cast doubt on the Elk structure.

As an Australian company, Interoil is required, on a weekly basis, to produce drilling results. But when IOC failed to report test volumes, it was viewed as a negative. Shareholders got nervous, and sent the stock screaming lower violently to the downside.

"But, nowadays, even at $20, it remains quite a bargain – something made very clear by T. Boone Pickens’ two million share ownership of Interoil after a 943,964 share buy in August 2007," I told readers.

While it isn’t known why T. Boone Pickens made his move, we do know that IOC is developing that natural gas project in Papua New Guinea. Say reports, Merrill Lynch Commodities, Pacific LNG Operations Ltd, and Interoil have agreed to develop a liquefied natural gas project in New Guinea, with hopes that the project will begin production by 2012.

But to realize the full potential of IOC, you had to have patience.

After months of watching it dip, rise, and trade sideways, patience finally paid off Thursday morning.

Yep, for patient investors, there’s plenty of good news.

"Despite a substantial Interoil (IOC) pullback, which gave us a 29% gain on half the Interoil June 20 put (IOCRD), we held… and it’s a good thing we did," I told PET readers.

After months of waiting, our Canadian company with operations in Papua New Guinea announced a gas and gas liquids discovery in the Antelope structure in its Elk-4 well.

Says a recent press release:

"The Elk-4 well has successfully penetrated the Antelope structure, a new discovery which will significantly augment the gas found at the Elk-1 discovery well. Drilling operations experienced a gas kick and a flow of gas and gas liquids to surface which was circulated and flared. The well is now being prepared to drill deeper under pressure followed by comprehensive evaluation.

‘This well confirms the presence of hydrocarbons in the Antelope structure," said Mr. Phil Mulacek, CEO and Chairman of InterOil. "We are very excited about this early result and we look forward to drilling ahead to establish the commerciality of this discovery.’"

Needless to say, this is great news. And with more news likely followed by hopeful upgrades, the sky’s the limit for our Interoil stock… This, my friends, is the potential we see behind Bakken stocks.

Who said you couldn’t make money following billionaires?

Ian L. Cooper

P.S. Right now, investment opportunities are flooding the Bakken oil formation. And yet, knowing which companies will emerge most profitable requires expert insights into exactly what’s going on there.

Inside this new report, you’ll learn the details surrounding a little-known U.S. Government application. It’s a form that every company operating in this area MUST fill out. Amazingly, shortly after Uncle Sam decides to approve it, the company’s share price often launches.

Best part is… it’s published BEFORE anything typically happens to the share price.

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That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend.

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