Netflix Hits $203... Sets Sights on $210

Brian Hicks

Updated November 30, 2010

When Netflix hit a high of $145, we knew $200 wouldn’t be far behind…

So, in August 2010, we recommended that Options readers buy the December 200 calls around $5, telling readers:

“It looks like Netflix just broke above the channel… and could be headed higher. Considering future growth, an $8 billion market cap is nothing. We could see $10… even $20 billion when all is said and done with this stock. Plus, with the momentum crowd jumping in, and quickly churning that float, there’s no telling how high this can run.”

Monster NFLX Gains

And we were right… as readers cash out with close to 200% gains months later.

But the NFLX run, we believe, is just getting started.  It’s why we also recommended that readers buy the January 2011 230 calls yesterday.  It’s already up about 100% in a day. 

And you wouldn’t believe how much money readers are making from our other options positions… Heck, they just took a one-week gain of about 60% on SLV calls.

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