4 Top Lithium Refining Stocks

Written By Jason Williams

Posted March 22, 2024

If there’s one thing that’s become apparent, it’s that most of the lithium refining stocks of the world are those of Chinese companies. The sad fact of the matter is that Chinese companies control the vast majority of the market for lithium refining and therefore for lithium refining stocks as well…

lithium refining stocks

So, while there’s a good selection of non-Chinese lithium mining stocks, there are only a handful of lithium refining stocks investors can choose from that are outside the control of the Red Dragon. But with demand for electric vehicles still growing, albeit at a slower rate, the U.S. is going to need a friendly place to get its refined lithium for batteries.

Demand is still forecast to far exceed supply in the very near future. Any company that can meet this growing demand will reap huge rewards, as will the investors who were early to buy it when nobody knew it was about to join the list of lithium refining stocks.

lithium refining stocks forecast

And today, I’m going to give you a rundown of my top lithium refining stocks that are helping wrest control of the market away from our adversaries. Now, let’s get into the details with the first of my list of top lithium refining stocks for investors to buy…

Top Lithium Refining Stocks — The Gorilla in the Corner: Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB)

When it comes to lithium refining stocks, as I’ve said, investors focused on Western companies don’t have a whole lot to choose from. But one option they do have is also the largest lithium miner in the world by both market cap and raw lithium produced. I’m talking about North Carolina-based Albemarle Corporation.

lithium refining stocks alb

But outside of its dominance in the mining market, Albemarle seeks to become a dominant player in the refining market as well. So it’s building a multibillion-dollar processing facility in South Carolina that will refine battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

The plant will produce enough refined lithium to support 2.4 million new EVs a year. It will be able to process lithium from recycled batteries. And it will make Albemarle one of the top lithium refining stocks on the market as soon as it’s online.

Top Lithium Refining Stocks — The Scrapper From Tennessee: Piedmont Lithium Inc. (NASDAQ: PLL)

Next up on my list of top lithium refining stocks is a scrappy little company with a soon-to-be-working lithium refining operation right at home in Tennessee. The company is Piedmont Lithium. And it’s a tiny microcap stock with a valuation under $250 million.

But once its plant is up and running next year, it’ll be pumping out 30,000 tons of lithium per year. And it’ll have earned a place in your lithium refining stocks portfolio. In fact, Piedmont also has plans to build a second facility in North Carolina, 10 miles from Albemarle’s planned NC lithium mine.

lithium refining stocks pll

When that’s complete, Piedmont should be processing as much as 60,000 tons of lithium a year. And everyone will be scrambling to add this soon-to-be-giant company to their list of top lithium refining stocks.

Top Lithium Refining Stocks — The Private Opportunity: Stardust Power (NASDAQ: SDST)

Next up on my list of top lithium refining stocks is a company that’s still private. But it’s one anyone can invest in through a special back door. You see, this still-private company has plans to make its public debut in the coming months by merging with an acquisition company. When it does, it’ll be the newest of the lithium refining stocks on the market.

The acquisition company is called Global Acquisition Partners Corp. II (NASDAQ: GPAC) and it trades for about $11 a share. But once it becomes the newest of the lithium refining stocks on the market, who knows how high it could climb.

lithium refining stocks sdst

You see, Stardust has plans to build a brand-new lithium refining facility in the Greater Tulsa area in Oklahoma. When it’s complete, the facility will process 50,000 tons of lithium per year. It could also make the soon-to-be public Stardust Power one of everyone’s top lithium refining stocks.

Top Lithium Refining Stocks — Bonus Edition: The Lithium Volcano

And finally, rounding out my list of top lithium refining stocks is another company I’d bet a lot of investors don’t know much about. But that’s not because it’s private like the last of these top lithium refining stocks still is. It’s because this company is still relatively small when it comes to lithium refining stocks.

But that’s not going to last for long. Because in addition to being a lithium refining stock, it’s also a lithium mining stock, like Albemarle. And it just struck the lithium version of a massive gold mine. You see, this small company is now the proud owner of the largest lithium deposit in the entire world! But because it’s also a lithium refiner, it’s going to reap ALL of the rewards from this massive discovery, unlike most small miners would.

lithium refining stocks volcano

And because it could represent the salvation of the U.S. when it comes to taking control of the lithium market, it just made Uncle Sam’s list of top lithium refining stocks too. The reason I say that is because it just got access to a multibillion-dollar pile of cash from the U.S. government.

The billions of dollars are to help it get the mine and refinery going ASAP. They’ll also make this company every analyst’s No. 1 when they list top lithium refining stocks.

But I’ve already given you three of my top lithium refining stocks for free today. And I’m running out of space while you’re running out of time to read. So I want to let my friend Alex Koyfman tell you all about the No. 1 company on our list of lithium refining stocks.

Just click here to get access to all the details so you can grab the best of the best of the lithium refining stocks. I’ll be back soon with more ways to maximize your profits. So stay tuned.

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