Last Chance to Buy Pot

Written By Alexander Boulden

Updated February 13, 2024

Dear Reader,

There’s more big news out of the weed sector.

This may truly be your last chance to invest in anything weed related before stocks go parabolic.

What’s driving the buzz?

Well, the DEA announced this week that it’s officially reviewing marijuana’s drug classification.


As it stands, pot is a Schedule I drug, which is reserved for drugs that pose the most risk to society and apparently have no medicinal uses. The entire classification system seems archaic and useless to begin with, but I digress.

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Heroine and LSD are Schedule I, so it really doesn’t make sense anymore for something like weed to be Schedule 1 or scheduled at all.

What’s the impetus behind all this?

Well, in August, a top official at Health and Human Services wrote the DEA to politely ask them to rethink marijuana’s drug classification. It’s part of Biden’s agenda to get something done on pot so he can stay true to his campaign promises. Not to mention, it’s an election year.

Either way, this letter kick-started the DEA’s review process.

And the federal agency is now “reviewing” weed. Gee, I wonder what they have to do to review it. We all know it’s all a joke. One giant game to maintain arbitrary control of something they don’t understand and profit at the same time.

The DEA responded in a letter by saying, “DEA has the final authority to schedule, reschedule, or deschedule a drug under the Controlled Substances Act, after considering the relevant statutory and regulatory criteria and HHS’s scientific and medical evaluation. DEA is now conducting its review.”

The DEA is flexing a bit here, saying, “Don’t you forget that we have the final say in whether weed is harmful or not.” Well, they better hurry up, because time is running out for Biden and his agenda.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last century, this is massive news.

One of the main reasons that marijuana companies can’t formally bank is because of this Schedule I classification. It also hinders medical research and transportation across state lines.

So it’s odd that this isn’t getting a lot of the media coverage it deserves.

But maybe that’s a good thing for us as investors because it gives us an opportunity to exploit the media’s ignorance.

Again, this might be the last chance to get into some of the pot companies before the top blows.

Rescheduling is all but a formality at this point.

According MSN, “The congressional research service, however, had suggested the DEA would likely follow the HHS’s recommendation based on historical precedent. Yet the agency’s opaque posture leaves advocates and experts wondering if the DEA will honor the public’s will or remained tethered to outdated drug war policies.”

It’s super important to remember why this all happened in the first place and that weed and its users were wrongly prosecuted by unconstitutional and totalitarian policies.

And maybe, just maybe, we’re going to see justice.

To me, justice would mean federally legalizing it, but we’re unlikely to see that in this iteration of the books.

The DEA will probably reschedule it as a Schedule III drug, which will be “close enough” for most people but not too far — in order to please weed’s critics.

Anyway, I thought this was worth showing you and sussing out a bit.

Let me give you a list of pot companies so you can do your own due diligence.


There are a ton of companies out there.

These are just a few.

We truly may never see weed companies trading this low ever again.

Monday Musings

I was scrolling through my LinkedIn today, which of course is filled with helpful financial content based on who I follow, and someone posted this picture.

I found it very intriguing, so I thought you might too.


Really take a good look at it.

I’d never seen it or heard of the author, but now I’m impressed.

It’s called the Benner Cycle, and it’s charted out here.

It depicts market cycles from 1924–2059, and predicts them with remarkable accuracy.

The chart was published by Samuel Benner in his 1884 book, Benner’s Prophecies of Future Ups and Downs in Prices.

Benner describes these three periods in a market cycle:

  1. Panic Years — “Years in which panic have occurred and will occur again.”
  2. Good Times — “Years of Good Times. High prices and the time to sell Stocks and values of all kinds.”
  3. “Years of Hard Times, Low Prices, and a good time to buy Stocks, ‘Corner Lots’, Goods, etc. and hold till the ‘Boom’ reaches the years of good times; then unload.”

This chart has been scary accurate about booms and busts, including the financial crisis and the COVID crash.

It looks like we’ve got an era of greed coming up that will last until 2026, followed by a sustained downturn and then extreme greed in 2035.

Let’s see how it plays out…

Stay frosty,

Alexander Boulden
Editor, Wealth Daily

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