Have You Ever Heard of Volcanic Gains?

Jason Simpkins

Posted February 3, 2024

When most people think of volcanoesm they think of destruction.

Mount Vesuvius. Mount St. Helens. Krakatoa.

Those eruptions were indeed catastrophic. 

But what if I were to tell you about a volcano that right now offers investors a chance at immeasurable wealth…

And a small stock that is about to blow sky high like lava spewing forth from the crust of the earth?

The catch?

You only have a short time to exploit it. 

So about that volcano…

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Technically speaking, it’s now a “caldera.” That’s the crater that’s left behind when a volcano erupts and then collapses from the expulsion of its magma. 

This caldera is located on the border between Nevada and Oregon.

It’s massive, measuring 28 miles long and 22 miles wide.

And it’s ancient, having erupted more than 16 million years ago.

But here’s what makes it special…

This sprawling, collapsed supervolcano holds a veritable treasure trove of lithium that’s estimated to be worth roughly $1.5 trillion.

Indeed, like the caldera itself, the lithium deposit it harbors is massive roughly 10x the size of the next-largest lithium deposit in the world.

Yes, this is the single largest deposit of lithium in the world. 


We’re talking about 30 megatons of extractable lithium at least.

That’s enough lithium to produce batteries for 10 billion smartphones…

Or 600 million Tesla Model 3s…

Or — to put it another way — enough to supply more than 60 times the total number of electric vehicles sold worldwide last year.

And that’s just using the low-end estimate of 30 megatons.

Some geologists estimate it could even hold four times that amount a phenomenal 120 megatons.

The influence of this deposit on the world’s lithium market cannot be overstated. 

Remember, as it currently stands, China commands a staggering 70% share of global lithium production.

And about 80% of global lithium battery production is in the hands of Chinese companies, giving them control over the battery supply chain.

However, this single lithium deposit is 27 times the size of all of China’s known lithium reserves combined.

As a result, it could drastically swing the balance of power between our two nations freeing us from dependency on Chinese resources.

Hence the massive profit opportunity for investors. 

Because there’s already a publicly traded company that was prospecting the area before recent geological surveys confirmed the deposit’s existence.

That means it has a significant one might even say runaway head start on its development.

In fact, it’s been quietly purchasing and developing portions of the lithium-laden caldera for the last decade.

Yet right now its shares are dirt-cheap.

But they won’t be for long.

It’s poised to be discovered the same way this mother lode of lithium was.

So if you want to get in on it, you’ll have to act fast. 

Just click here for all the details.

Fight on,

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