Graphene Investing

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted June 13, 2013

Graphene is one of the most interesting materials in the world, and it appears as if the hunt for more information about the material is only going to increase. 

According to a recent press release, Lomiko Metals Inc. (TSX-V: LMR) has hired two new graphene experts: Dr. Elena Polyakova and Dr. Daniel Stolyarov. The two experts will head the Research and Development department at Lomiko Metals, overseeing and coordinating research activities that involve converting graphite into functional graphene. The tasks will not only benefit future projects, but it will also be implemented into projects that are currently underway.

Both Polyakova and Stolyarov have impressive credentials that more than prove their importance in the scientific community. Since graphene is a relatively new material, there are only a handful of true experts in the world with the necessary knowledge and background to work with the material and help push it in a forward direction.

Lomiko Metals is clearly asserting itself as a forerunner in the graphene boom, and its two new hires are an extension of this.

The Graphene Craze

Graphene may not exactly be a household word at this point in time, but it’s safe to assume that it’s well on its way towards becoming one. The material is really quite futuristic in design, considering its strength.

Graphene is truly one of the strongest materials in the world, and it has a number of potential applications in the modern world. It may sound too good to be true, which is exactly why many are calling this a miracle substance.

The material is derived from typical graphite, which is used in a variety of different industrial applications. What makes graphene special, however, is that it is a comprised of a single atom-thick lattice of carbon atoms that comprise a honeycomb pattern. 

At first glance, most people wouldn’t assume such a material would be very strong. What it comes down to, however, is that a single piece of graphene at this thickness can hold the weight of an elephant before it will break, and that’s not even relying on the fact that it is exceptionally pure.

There has been a lot of discussion over whether or not graphene as a material is significantly weakened when it is torn rather than in a solid piece. Studies have shown, however, that the strength of a pure sheet of graphene is perhaps only 10% higher than that of the alternative, proving that graphene is indeed worthy of the praise it has received.

The Future of Graphene

It’s almost definite that graphene is going to enjoy a bright future as a commodity. Corporations in industries of all kinds are flocking towards the material, and many of them have already been utilizing it in developing products.

As graphene catches on and becomes more and more popular, it’s likely that it will be seen in a wide range of different applications that cross over industry borders of all kinds. 

Perhaps the most lucrative thing about graphene is the fact that it is a conductive material. This means graphene could be the first step towards creating television screens that can literally be rolled out and folded up like a poster.

This would set a precedent — something that investors would no doubt clamor over. It’s most likely just a short period of time until technology such as this becomes commonplace, which makes now the best possible time to jump on the bandwagon. 

Graphene still has a long way to go, even though it is considered by many to be a hot ticket in the future. Nevertheless, more research on the material needs to be done in order to fully understand its potential.

Once scientists have isolated specific ways for the material to function in a given circumstance, it will be much easier to harness its power. Industries such as medicine, technology, entertainment, and more stand to benefit immensely from the introduction of this new “wonder material,” and its popularity is only going to increase from here on out. 

Don’t be surprised if the next few months are quiet on the graphene front, but don’t take this as a sign of the long-term. Graphene is here to stay, and it’s on the cusp of making a big splash.


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