This Flying Car Stock Is Soaring

Alexander Boulden

Posted June 24, 2024

Dear Reader,

You’ve probably heard a lot about flying cars recently.

This new category of aircraft is poised to revolutionize society even more profoundly than our railways did. These vehicles employ a cutting-edge technology called electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL), which allows them to take off and land vertically. Importantly, eVTOLs are fully electric, contributing to their potential as game-changers in transportation.

Electric propulsion offers several advantages over traditional combustion engines, including lower maintenance costs and operational simplicity. This results in lower direct operating costs and more affordable ticket prices. They’re also quieter and have zero carbon emissions, making them environmentally friendly and more acceptable to local governments and residents.

Now, there’s a relatively unknown startup company pioneering this technology, and it has already secured substantial financial backing from major players. United Airlines, for example, has committed $1 billion, while Stellantis has pledged $150 million. Other notable backers include Exor and the Emirati Sovereign Wealth Fund. In total, the company’s financial support exceeds $10 billion, and it has already gone public.

You might be thinking this is some far-fetched stock play, but the adoption of this technology is already underway.

One company has ordered 200 flying cars, and on March 23, 2021, the U.S. Air Force purchased its first eVTOLs. Maj. Brendan Gallagher of the 563rd Rescue Group noted the significant potential of these vehicles in enhancing future rescue and attack capabilities, highlighting their importance in military applications.

The societal impact of flying cars could be enormous. These vehicles have the potential to replace helicopters, at least for certain applications. According to CNBC, the technology’s implementation across military, commercial, and private travel could lead to significant market disruptions.

If these applications are approved, the gains could mirror the transformative impact of the automobile replacing horse-drawn carriages, suggesting substantial short- and long-term returns for investors.

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Flying Car Stock: Reasons for Optimism

  • Market Growth: The market for eVTOL technology is projected to reach $5 billion by 2025 and $57 billion by 2035, according to Deloitte.
  • Industry Leadership: The leading company in this space has already raised over $1.5 billion and is poised to scale up production rapidly, with plans to build 250 aircraft annually initially, expanding significantly thereafter.
  • Technological Advantages: eVTOLs offer several benefits over helicopters, including lower costs, easier piloting, and reduced noise and emissions. These factors make them attractive for a wide range of applications, from private taxis to emergency services.

The electrification of this technology makes eVTOLs cheaper and safer to maintain than helicopters. This could democratize short-haul air travel, making it accessible to a broader audience.

For example, current helicopter services in New York City charge $195 per passenger for airport transfers. EVTOL companies aim to undercut these prices significantly, potentially offering rides for the cost of a premium Uber service.

Timeline and Future Prospects

This tiny company I found is leading the charge, establishing a manufacturing facility in Covington, Georgia, designed to produce 250 aircraft annually initially, with the potential to scale up to thousands per year. This scalability is crucial for meeting anticipated demand and reducing production costs.

The company’s timeline is ambitious but achievable:

  • 2018–2025: Development and certification, with a goal of FAA type certification by late 2024.
  • 2025–2028: Early operations focusing on retrofitting existing infrastructure and scaling manufacturing to 2,000 aircraft annually.
  • 2028+: Mass market adoption and early autonomous operations, with continued innovation in powertrain systems and acoustics.

Strategic partnerships are a cornerstone of the company’s growth strategy. United Airlines, for example, plans to launch an air taxi service in New York City by 2025. This collaboration highlights the commercial viability and growing demand for eVTOL services. Additionally, automaker Stellantis is contributing $150 million and manufacturing expertise, further accelerating the company’s production capabilities.

Insider trading activity underscores the company’s potential. Recently, the director, CEO, and CFO collectively purchased over 100,000 shares, indicating strong internal confidence in the company’s future.

Insider trading activity indicates strong confidence in this technology. Insiders are buying shares in significant quantities, suggesting they foresee a revolutionary future for travel.

While precise gains are difficult to predict, projections suggest substantial returns, potentially up to 21,362%. Even a modest $500 investment could yield significant profits, emphasizing the lucrative nature of this opportunity.

What’s the Flying Car Stock?

As I just explained, the potential of flying cars to transform travel and society is immense.

With significant financial backing, technological advantages, and a clear path to market, eVTOLs are set to become a major player in the transportation industry.

Investors have the opportunity to get in early on this revolutionary technology, which promises substantial returns as it moves from concept to reality.

To get access to the tiny eVTOL company mentioned above, all you have to do is become a premium member of my investment advisory Insider Stakeout.

You can sign up for a risk-free trial today and get instant access to my portfolio of insider stock picks, including the flying car stock mentioned above.

As the company announces new partnerships and FAA approvals, there will be less and less time left before this flying car stock really soars.

Stay frosty,

Alexander Boulden
Editor, Wealth Daily

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