Financing Freedom: How to Invest in Independence

Jason Williams

Posted July 4, 2024

This year, our editorial schedule has given me the privilege of writing to you today, the 248th anniversary of the day the 13 American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain.

It would be several years before the constitutional republic we know was truly born. And it was probably conceived long before we ever put it into writing. But today is the day we celebrate our Independence Day in the nation I call home.

So, in honor of the symbolic emergence of the United States onto the world stage, today, I’m going to focus on companies defending the freedom so many of our ancestors fought and died to gain. And we’re going to talk about how you can help finance freedom through your investments…

Financing Freedom: Energy Independence

Freedom and independence are two words and concepts that go hand in hand. How can you ever truly be free if you’re not independent? So my first set of investments focuses on companies helping insure American energy independence. Because if we’re beholden to anyone but ourselves to keep the lights on, then we’re not really free…

energy independence

And right now, the world is going electric. And there’s a growing demand for lithium, the main component of electricity storage. But before you tune out, know that I’m not just talking about electric vehicles here. Sure, EVs will drive lithium demand higher, but they’re not the only thing that requires a whole lot of it…

Cellphones, laptops, tablets, cordless trimmers, saws and drills… Really anything electric that doesn’t plug in requires lithium. And with more and more people demanding more and more things, and so many of those things relying on lithium to work… you can bet your bottom dollar that lithium demand is only going to grow from here.

But the problem is that while the U.S. is the world’s biggest consumer of lithium, it produces a meager 1% of the supply. The vast majority of the market — from mining to refining to battery production — is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Chinese government through its investment arm (that gets a stake in every Chinese company).

So ensuring energy independence in the future is going to look a little different than in the past. We’ll still be digging and drilling. But it won’t only be for oil, gas, and coal. It’ll be for lithium, too.

Case in point: Exxon Mobil, the multinational oil and gas giant, just plopped down billions of dollars to scoop up hundreds of thousands of acres of lithium-rich land right here in the U.S. of A. in Arkansas and Texas. You see, this basin its targeting is one of the richest lithium brine resources in the world and the biggest in North America. The company plans to start producing lithium by 2027 and says it could make enough to supply over 1 million vehicles per year as early as 2030. So Exxon, with its dominant position in the traditional energy markets and a new foothold in the renewable markets is a pretty safe bet on insuring energy independence.

But if you’re looking for a little more reward than a massive megacap stock like Exxon is likely to deliver, there’s another company already producing lithium from that formation Exxon just spend billions to get in on. It’s a small-cap stock, but it’s got huge potential since it’s the expert in the market Exxon wants to corner. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it gets scooped up just like all that property when Exxon realizes it can pay a premium to shareholders and buy all the experience it needs to dominate North American lithium. And that’s why I recommended my investors get a stake while it’s still small, before Exxon drives up the share price with a takeover bid.

Financing Freedom: Become Uncancelable

Next up on my list is a company I’ve written about a few times here: Trump Media & Technology Group (NYSE: DJT). It’s a flash point of a company, and the stock’s been volatile as the media trashes it and its main shareholder and then he fights back with perhaps shocking polling numbers. It’s got to be a trader’s dream to have a big stock moving in big swings like this. It’s also got to be a little unnerving for the 650,000 retail investors who make up nearly all of the shareholder base.

trump media stock logo

But there’s reason to believe that all might change in the coming years, as the company has major plans in place to expand from “just” Truth Social to a full-service freedom machine. You see, the CEO, Devin Nunes knows that cancel culture is a real thing. And he’s experienced things like shadow banning as Big Tech companies censored individual citizens, even congresspeople like him. He’s seen celebrities and regular folks get unbanked for not toeing the line and following the narrative. And he’s leading a company that’s trying to end that.

And the fresh pile of cash the company just got is going to help with those plans. TMTG is the proud owner of a bank account brimming with about $350 million after the exercise of warrants and the conversion of some other instruments. And it can do a whole lot with that much money…

It can continue to build out a streaming service and production platform that refuses to censor even opinions it disagrees with. It can build out its presence in the data storage and web services market dominated by companies like Amazon that will deplatform a website at a moment’s notice. It can go looking for payment processers so that it can help ensure Americans never have to be worried about being debanked again. It can do a whole lot to build the cancel-free ecosystem the management has planned out.

And while I can’t call it anything but speculative at this point, it could turn out to be a pretty profitable investment. And at least it’s trying to protect and expand American freedoms at home while so many others seem content to help strip them away.

Financing Freedom: The Best Offense

In football, you’ll often hear the adage that the best offense is a good defense, meaning that if your opponents can’t score against you, you don’t have to score that much to beat them. And it’s not just true in football and other sports. It’s a fact of life. That’s why the final set of investments I want to focus on today are those in the defense industry. Because the better our defenses, the less likely someone wants to test them out and the more likely we remain insulated on our island of freedom.

Now, I happen to be in a very good position to talk about this industry, too. I used to “work” for the Army in my younger years. But that’s not why I know so much about this market these days… It’s actually because I get to spend a lot of time with one of the foremost experts on defense companies, Jason Simpkins. You see, about a year ago, I asked Jason to join me at my flagship investment advisory, The Wealth Advisory, because I wanted my investors to get a taste of his experience and profit from his expertise.

And they have. Jason’s helped them pull in countless double- and triple-digit gains since he joined us. But there was an added benefit I didn’t even think about at the time: I’ve gotten a lot better versed in the defense markets. And that’s why I feel confident saying that any investment in the U.S. defense industry is likely to pay off big-time when it comes to both supporting and protecting our freedom AND raking in market-beating profits in the coming years.



All of the big names — Lockheed, Northrup Grumman, General Dynamics, maybe even Boeing — are going to be nabbing massive contracts from Uncle Sam and his friends as the U.S. and her allies all step up their defense spending. And those sales are going to lead to higher profits, which will lead to higher share prices, in turn. And you’ll be able to collect dividends along the way since most of the big ones share profits with investors every quarter.

But if you’re willing to risk a little bit more for potentially far more reward, then you need to check out the company my partner, Mr. Simpkins, recently revealed to the members of his premium investing community, Secret Stock Files. And if you’re more interested in that defense income than those stock gains, then you need to see this interview where Jason explains one of the biggest cash giveaways in the defense industry’s long history.

God Bless America

And there you have three ways you can support freedom while also adding some profits to your portfolio.

Now, get back out there and enjoy the holiday. Celebrate the idea that was born all those years ago.

And tomorrow, don’t forget that we should constantly strive to live up to those ideals that created this great nation. Our steady progress forward is what makes it such an incredible place.

flag 2/19

God bless America and God keep her safe!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

To your wealth,


Jason Williams

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